Dear Friends,

Thank you for continuing on through this series with me.

Day 4 is about those Unfinished Projects.  You can read the 2016 post on this HERE.

I love starting projects.  I love the thrill and the excitement of planning and preparing.  I love imagining the finished product.

Then sometimes I stall out.  Sometimes there is a reason for this, and other times, I stall for no reason at all and find it so difficult to get back into the project and see it to the finish.

As I mentioned in last year’s post, take inventory of those unfinished projects.  Be realistic on if you will finish them or not.  It is ok to say yes, I will finish it, but just not now.  If this is the case, put the project aside so it isn’t staring you in the face and giving you feelings of guilt for not having completed it.  You have it written on your inventory list so you won’t completely forget it.

For projects you still want to complete, give them a target completion date.  Look at the steps needed to complete the project and add those steps to your calendar.  You will feel so good with the project is finished.  Keep those good feelings in mind as you move forward.

Remember, our creative projects should make us happy and having unfinished projects can subconsciously create a lot of negativity.  If forcing ourselves to finish a project isn’t making us happy, consider donating the unfinished project.  There are other people who will be either happy to finish it, or to re-purpose the materials into something else for them.  Look at donating as a chance to bless someone else with something that will make them happy.  And for you, to have the project out of the house that you weren’t going to finish just lightens our spirit a bit not having it hang over our heads.

Let’s go back just a moment to the top of this post where I mention that I stall out.  I know that happens to many of us.  Take a look at your unfinished list of projects and really consider why it was that you didn’t finish it.  Did you run out of supplies? Run out of time? Run into a problem with the project?  Or did you become bored?

Knowing why you stall out on projects can direct you in your choice of creating moving forward.  I personally like a project I can start and finish in an evening.  I’ve only made a couple of quilts because they just take too long.  But you know what?  I’ve started and stalled on 3 of them.  When I see a quilt I want to make, it is better for me to talk myself out of doing it before investing money and time in starting something that will sit there unfinished.  And then I feel bad about that.

So think friends about what you start on this coming year so that ALL your creative time quality, treasured time.

Thank you for continuing to follow along in this 2017 series.  You can catch up on the previous posts.

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Make it a great day Friends,


be creative daily and live life beautifully

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