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Dear Friends,

Today is a tough assignment.  One of the things we haven’t looked at yet, and needs to be addressed, are the current projects we have going on that are unfinished.  If you need to catch up or are just joining us, you can find the previous days here.  Day 1     Day 2     Day 3

With your notebook in hand, list the projects you have not completed.

Next, give them a completion date and add them to your calendar.  Or…are they really going to be finished?  Is it something you’ve lost interest in?  Consider donating or giving away the unfinished item.  Consider throwing it away.

It can be difficult to move forward when we have a pile of unfinished work staring at us.  Please friends consider this.  If you have unfinished projects and you know they won’t be done in the next 4 months, put them in a tub and put them away and out of your sight.  Put them in the basement or under a bed.

Unfinished projects can give us guilt.  Guilt that we spent money and time on them but did not finish them.  It is time to move past these feelings.  Appreciate the fact that even though the project is unfinished, it brought you enjoyment at the time and perhaps you learned something in the process.  Perhaps you started the project with a friends and you got to enjoy their company at the time.  These are all good things that came out of the project and the fact that the project doesn’t get completed doesn’t take away from these things.

So today’s assignment is to list those unfinished projects.  Then either schedule their completion, put them away, or get rid of them.  This is unbelievably freeing to not look at unfinished projects.

We are now on the back half of getting prepared for a creative 2016.  Like I said earlier, this is a tough assignment.  You can do it!

See you tomorrow!


be creative daily and live life beautifully

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