Dear Friends,

So glad to have you back today!

To look back, here is link to Day 2 in 2016 – Plan

I hope you will all take a peek at last year’s blog post because I feel like it really encompasses the planning we can do to help ourselves be the best we can be when it comes to making time for creativity.  I also don’t want to repeat myself here, so if you go back to last year’s post, I promise it will give you lots of food for thought when it comes to creativity planning.

Take a moment friends and look at what you wrote down on your reflection list from Day 1. yesterday.

In particular, look at what you wrote down for “What made me happy?” and “What are my favorite memories?”

Take a calendar and add one or two items onto your calendar each month that you know will make you happy or create good memories.  One such item on my calendar is to take a class every month.  I love meeting people and getting out of the house.  Even more, is I love to learn something new.  One thing I want to learn to make this year are the rope coil bowls.

I know I could watch a YouTube video on it, but my local quilt shop offers this as a class and I just love to be with the ladies there.  Other happy moments might be writing the dates of your quilt or sewing guild onto the calendar.  Maybe it is marking a date of quiet time just for YOU once a month where you can be alone with your embroidery machine and not be disturbed. -That also makes me VERY happy.  🙂

Another thing that makes me happy is beautiful food and good cooking.  When I find the time to be creative in the kitchen I’m in my happy place.  For me personally, there is nothing better than giving food gifts pared with a bit of embroidery.

Anyway, take some time now to do some planning.  These plans don’t have to be set in stone, but you will find them useful as guidelines throughout the year.

Remember friends, like I said yesterday….Creativity is good for our health.  It is good for our soul and it absolutely MUST be a form of creativity that feeds us and fuels us in a good positive way.

Till tomorrow,


be creative daily and live life beautifully



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