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We are at Day 3 which is Schedule.  You can find the 2016 post on this HERE.

You’ve penciled into your calendar some “happy me time” yesterday.  Now let’s look at holidays and birthdays.

Make a list of all the holidays and events that you want to make something for.  Be sure to include things such as teacher appreciation gifts, expectant mothers, upcoming weddings, and of course birthdays and Christmas and any other holiday you celebrate.  On your list, include what you would like to make for each person.

Next schedule in some time a month or two prior to the event or holiday to begin making the project. Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time.  This is particularly important for holidays such as Christmas when there are many gifts to give, or if you have several birthdays or other events occurring close together.

A real benefit of having this list is so you can be prepared.  For instance, I always like to embroider a shirt for my husband’s birthday.  It is on my list so I can watch the sales and when I find a shirt I like on sale, then I can get it.

Don’t stress out here.  Remember, creativity is to be our happy time, our health improvement time, not a chore.  Scheduling just helps in planning and I’m a planner.  I know some of you are a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of gal so this might not work for you.  Just use what ideas inspire you and discard the rest.

Tomorrow we are going to take a look at our UFO’s, those UnFinished Objects that we all have in our closets.

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Thanks for joining me,


be creative daily and live life beautifully

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