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Dear Friends,

Thank you for joining me here again today.  You can find the previous days here for review.  Day 1     Day 2

Today we are going to get into the meat of things.  We will need our list we created yesterday as well as our calendar or monthly planner as we will be transferring and scheduling our list.

This is one of the most important days.  Before beginning, look back to what you reflected upon and wrote down back on day one.  Look at what was and was not working for you.  You need to consider this reflection about yourself as you schedule into your planner.

Before we begin, if you have events you know about for the year, go ahead and fill them into your calendar.  These would be things like taking a vacation.  Or perhaps you are going to be a new grandma and you plan to help your daughter out for a couple of weeks.  Another thing to write in is if you have a busy project with a deadline that will consume your time.  Write those items in your calendar first.  Those are expected and planned times that will keep us from creating and we all have them.  We just need to be aware of them so we can plan around.

Now lets continue by looking at our list and determining what events need to be done in what month.  This may feel like it is similar to yesterday, but yesterday was all about list making and this is about the actual scheduling.  If someone has a birthday in June then perhaps we will want to make their gift in May.  As an example, my daughter’s birthday is June 1st.  So in my calendar in May I would write Emily’s birthday.  If I know what I want to make her, I’d go ahead and write that down now too.

Finally we need to look specifically at Christmas time as that is an especially busy time of year.  I know for myself that December is ALWAYS the busiest month of the year and yet it is the one month I yearn to slow and savor.  It seems we can never quite do enough for this time of year, but we can do some planning which will help.  If we spread our Christmas creating throughout the year by making a couple of projects each month then by the time Christmas arrives we are ahead of the game.  Write those projects in our calendars now.

Throughout the year, as we think of projects such as, Sue would like this for her birthday, write the project down in the notebook and calendar and be specific about it.  Take a quick phone picture if possible to keep a record of it.

An added bonus in knowing what we are going to make ahead of time is that now we can watch the sales throughout the year to get any needed items to finish the project.

This finishes Day 3.  I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


Be creative daily and live life beautifully

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