Machine Embroidery on Jeans

Hi Friends,
Today I have another one of Michelle’s designs from Needle Little Embroidery.  I had been wanting to put some bling on my jeans so this design seemed just right.
I can’t believe I posted a picture of my backside!
For this design I used silver metallic thread.  Now when stitching on jeans you can stitch directly as I did, or you could remove the pocket and stitch the design on the pocket and re-sew the pocket back to the jeans.  I didn’t mind not having a back pocket so I just stitched it through the pocket and jeans together.
My next question was what type of needle should I use?  A heavy jeans needle, a metallic thread needle, or a heavier embroidery needle?  I knew there were going to be places where the needle would have to penetrate through three layers of denim as well as the stabilizer.  I decided that the heavy fabric trumps thread and stitching so I went with the jeans needle.  I set my machine on the slowest embroidery speed and I used a medium to heavy weight cut-away stabilizer.
I turned my $12 pair of jeans into a $60 pair of jeans!
Be sure to stop over at Needle Little Embroidery and this specific design is “Heart of Elegance”.
Blessings and Happy Embroidering!
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