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Dear Friends,

Welcome to day 5 of 6.  Thank you so much for joining me this past week and if you have missed any of the previous days you can find them here. Day 1     Day 2     Day3     Day 4

You know most often I finish my blog posts and my newsletters with the phrase “be creative daily and live life beautifully.”  That is a motto I try to live my life by.  I seriously do.  I feel that the good Lord has blessed us all with the gift of creativity though at times we may not be able to see that in ourselves.

There are days when we just don’t feel like being creative?  It is normal and it is ok.  You know God scheduled in a day of rest too.

Today I’m going to offer a few simple solutions for you to keep in the back of your mind if you are feeling less than creative.

Look at yourself and your life.  Perhaps you are tired and do need that time of rest.  When my father passed away this past November I lost interest in creating.  I needed to give myself some down time.

Look at your surroundings.  Does your creative space need a fresh facelift?  It is easy to get too many things out of place that crowd us.  Soon all we see is our creative clutter and clutter is hard on our eyes and spirits.

Turn on some of your favorite music, tv show or podcast so that you have some company while you create.

Speaking of company, join a guild or take a class.  Invite a friend or two over to sew and craft with you.

Change it up.  I find myself being the least motivated to create is when I am bored.  Try a different embroidery technique, or do something different all together like painting or jewelry making.  Even going into the kitchen and trying a new recipe and jazzing it up by putting it on a special plate can be just the thing to get out of a creative rut.  Look for the beauty in the small things like good food and the special plate.

Spend some time looking at new inspiration in magazines or on Pinterest.

Share your projects that you’ve made in your Facebook or Yahoo groups.  Having others give comments on them is extremely motivating.

Most importantly though, if you have lost your creative mojo is that you do take that time of rest.  Don’t force yourself.  Do what we did on day one of this series, we reflected.  Reflect on what is going on in your life.  You need the understanding of this so that you can make the necessary changes to move forward.

Tomorrow we finish up the series of A New Year, A Creative New You.

See you then!


Be creative daily and live life beautifully

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