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Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for joining me here.  Today we begin our series, A New Year, A Creative New You.

This series is about enjoying the moment and enjoying the process of being creative.  For many of us this enjoying and appreciating our creative time has been lost and pushed out of our lives where we are rushing to finish projects and not really taking the time to smell the roses along the way.  It is about slowing and being thankful.

As with most things in life, before we can move forward we need to take the time to look back and on what we have learned, good or bad.  We need a starting point.

So today is a day of reflection.  You will want your notebook today and open it up to a fresh page.  Take time to really think about these questions.  Ponder them throughout your day and write your answers in your notebook adding to those answers as new thoughts come to you.

So the first question is, In looking back throughout the years, when did you feel most creative in which you enjoyed and got lost in the process of making something?  Write about it.  Write about where you were and what was happening in your life at the time.  Write about what it was that you were making.

Now think back to just this past year.  How did things go this past year?  Write about it now.  Write about those things you did that worked for you this past year.  Because if it ain’t broke it don’t need fixin’ and you will want to keep on with those good actions.  We all have things in our lives that are working and it is important to acknowledge the good.

What in this past year didn’t work or would you like to change.  Write those thoughts down so they are not repeated.

Once we have evaluated these things, it gives us our starting point to direct us to move forward which is just the direction we will be heading in the next few days.  Continue adding to these lists as ideas come into your head about what did and did not work well this past year.

This finishes our task for day one.  We will continue using our notebook tomorrow.

See you then!


Be creative daily and live life beautifully

Embroidery It Happy New Year 2016


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