Dear Friends,

For a number of years now, each year has had a theme to it, or a word/phrase which I have focused on.  Last year, the word which spoke to my heart was “TRUST.”

Little did I know at the time just how important that one word would be to me throughout 2017.  I spoke that word over 90% of all the days in 2017.  “Trust Nancy, Trust.”

I’ve been thinking about how I want to write this blog post without it coming across as a ‘poor me’ type post.  I’m just going to type here and see where it takes me.  My mindset for 2017 was in the tank.

2017 was a difficult year.  It began in December 2016 when mom had her heart attack.  (Other than slowing down more and being a bit more forgetful, she is doing well.)  January, February and March were spent with me taking her to cardiac rehab three times a week as well as many doctor’s appointments.

April rolled around and I fell off an ATV and broke a couple of ribs.  That threw me off for April and May.

Come June, our middle child Emily became engaged and we started up in full swing of wedding plans.  Then in July, she was involved in a roll over car accident when another car coming the opposite direction turned left in front of her.  God is so good as she came out of it with only 3 broken bones in her right foot.  Here is the thing.  I truly believe this is all God’s plan.  God was saying, Emily, you are going to go through a little pain now and this will save you from much pain later on.  Because after the accident, true colors were shown and in August she called the wedding off.  Emily also decided she wanted to get a second college degree and get her nursing degree.  This meant in July, August, September and October I was once again playing chauffeur and taking her to and from class, doctor’s appointments and physical therapy.  Emily is now able to drive though walks with a limp and continues with physical therapy.  We are probably looking at one more foot surgery this year.

November and December brought about holiday plans being in full swing along with my husband deciding to make a job change.

It was just a lot of things happening in 2017.  Looking back, much of 2017 seems to now be a blur.  I know I’ve focused on the difficult things here, as that is what really stands out in my mind, but many good things also happened.  I had started the Embroidery Bee club with it opening it’s doors December 2016.  That was a wonderful learning experience for me and was growth to my business.  Our oldest daughter’s house sold which was a huge blessing.  Hubby and I had our trip to Israel as well as a couple of local weekend trips in Michigan.  Despite me speaking about the negative, life was good.

Back in November, I felt the word EASE placed on my heart.  Now before fully accepting that word, I had made plans for Embroidery It and plans with moving forward with the Bee Club.  I had written my goals for all areas of my life.  However, the word EASE just kept swirling around in the back of my mind.

Finally with hubby’s decision to change jobs and in doing much reflection as well as family discussions, I decided to embrace the word EASE and let the Bee Club go.  I cried a bit.  It was like saying goodbye to a piece of me that I had nurtured and grown.  At the end, there were just shy of 200 of you in the club.  That, to me, was success.  In all truthfulness friends, it was like running two businesses and just getting to the point where I couldn’t do it all alone.  (You know I’m a one woman show here).  The club was running, whether you saw it or not, I felt like I was dropping the ball on the rest of Embroidery It.

In thinking what EASE means to me, in my mind, ease doesn’t mean easy.  Instead, ease means being a little gentler and kinder to myself.  It means giving my cares to God and letting Him do His work in me.  Ease means love.  It means slowing down and seeing beauty.  It means enjoying the moment, being present in the moment and giving thanks.  Ease means saying no sometimes as well as the opposite in saying yes and acceptance.  It means releasing; releasing the club, releasing myself from addiction to sugar and releasing excess weight, releasing myself from clutter and releasing anxiety.  Ease also means love; loving myself, loving my family and loving all who are in my life – which includes you.  And finally it means to do all these things with out anxiety, guilt or anger.  Ease has me rewriting my goals and plans for 2018.

I can tell you having already embraced ease, I feel a sense of peace and a feeling of openness.  And I know that when I allow my life to be open, it enables good things to enter.  I have an anticipation of good things coming this year for myself, my family and my business.  We will just have to wait and see where this year takes me.  I’ll keep you posted.

If you have chosen a word or theme for the year, I’d love to hear.

Much love to you all,


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