Dear Friends,

I’m home from vacationing in beautiful Florida the past couple of weeks.  I feel so blessed that we got to live there for a year and a half several years ago and made some great friendships.  The weather was beautiful and I had twinges of missing living there.  That said, it is sure good to be back “home” in Michigan.  It is just a slower pace and way of living up here and I thrive on that. 🙂

Amongst doing loads and loads of laundry and getting caught up on e-mails, I’ve been doing a bit of digitizing and stitching and will have a fun new design for you this coming week.

What is on your embroidery hoop this morning?  I’d love to hear!

Embroidery It Cross Stitch Alphabet h

Embroidery It Cross Stitch Alphabet i

Embroidery It Cross Stitch Alphabet j

One final word, I will be changing out the cross stitch letters sometime Tuesday.  Be sure to grab the current letters if you haven’t already.

Happy Saturday Blessings Everyone,


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