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Dear Friends,

My word of the year for 2017 is TRUST.  Friends, let me tell you that rarely has a day gone by when I haven’t said that word in my head again and again.  God is good – always.  And He is in control – always.

You may recall, mom had a heart attack just before Christmas.  Let me report she is doing wonderful.  We’ve just finished up 3 months of cardiac rehab and she really has her energy and strength back to where she was at before the heart attack. – Trust.

I do see her getting a bit more forgetful with time and repeating herself as I hear the same news again and again many days in a row. – Trust.

Something I haven’t shared with any of you is in early April our oldest daughter who finished her 4 years in the Air Force had a house that she was trying to sell.  It had been under contract twice and both times fell through.  The third time it was under contract, one week before closing it was broken into by gang members and vandalized.  Everything was broken, painted, torn up, smashed.  This was back in April.  I know this is all just physical “stuff”, but it was one of the most heart breaking things I’ve ever had to deal with.  I think it was so hard because it just made no sense whatsoever.  I’ve dealt with mom’s heart attack and dad living with cancer and some of that I explain to myself by saying it is a part of life.  But when someone blatantly does something malicious, you are just left feeling numb. – Trust.  Let me tell you, by the grace of God, the house did close.  For weeks after, I kept thinking that something would still come back to haunt us with that house.  Thankfully now, most days pass and it is a slowly fading memory.

When events such as these happen in our lives, and I know life changing events happen to all of us, it reshapes it.  It changes our perspective and our goals.  I know it has not only affected me, but it has affected Embroidery It.  Goals and plans have been adjusted and changed as needed.

These have been just a couple of examples how “trust” has been placed on my heart.  Seriously though, there has hardly been a day that has passed when I haven’t thought, “just trust Nancy, just trust.”

With everything going on, disarray has settled in.  Many things need to be finished.  I turn my head I see something that requires a phone call to be made, an e-mail to send, or steps to take to finish the task.  When you see that all the time, your mind can’t relax, and you don’t feel peace.  I have said my focus in July is to “complete”.  Finish all the little things yet to be done.  I’ve been keeping a running to-do list that grows as I see things that need to be done.  It helps though to get everything on paper and it even helps me by writing here and getting thoughts and feelings out of my head.  I’ve come to realize my word for, if not just July, the last half of the year should be “complete”.

Word of the year complete trust

What’s an embroiderer to do but that to my shirt cuff.  The soft denim shirt I wear every day like an apron.  As “complete” was stitching I realized how beautifully it goes with the word “trust”.  “Complete Trust.”  Amen.

I have complete trust; to finish the tasks at hand, for my family, for my mom, for my health, for Embroidery It, and the list goes on.

Have you kept your word of the year top of mind? Has it had meaning in your life?  I’d love to for you to share in the comments and hear your story.

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Wishing you all many blessings,


be creative daily and live life beautifully

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