Create a Candy Bouquet for your Next Ladies Luncheon

Create a Candy Bouquet for your Next Ladies Luncheon

Emb It Bouquet 7

Dear Friends,

If you are looking for a small gift to give to the ladies at your next luncheon, coffee or other get together, here is a “sweet” Candy Flower Bouquet that you can make in your 4 x 4 hoop.

Emb It Bouquet 6

5 designs in the set:  4 flowers and 1 leaf design.

Emb It Flower 1

Emb It Flower 2

Emb It Flower 3

Emb It Flower 4

These stitch up quickly and easily and are a great beginner in-the-hoop project.  The centers are intentionally left blank for you to fill with a wrapped candy, button or other round object.  This is a good project to use your variegated thread!

Emb It Bouquet 5

Step-by-step instructions with photos included.  The designs shown here have been stitched on felt.

As always, the Candy Flower Bouquet is found in the Embroidery It Etsy shop.

Make it a great day everyone!


be creative daily and live life beautifully

Easter Wishes

Embroidery It Happy Easter Patchwork Egg 1

Dear Friends,

Wishing you a most beautiful and blessed Easter tomorrow.

Thank you for being with me on this embroidery journey of mine.



Machine Embroidery Flower Lollipop Holder

Embroidery It Lollipop Flower 1

Dear Friends,

Another fun in-the-hoop machine embroidery project for you!  Make a beautiful bouquet of flowers to set on your table or to give to a child’s teacher.  Made in your 4 x 4 hoop quick and easy.  Note the beautiful light satin stitching.  This helps your project be completed quickly!

Embroidery it Lollipop Flower 2

There is a file for the leaves, petals and center.  Get creative with the number of petals and leaves used.  A great scrap stash buster!

Embroidery It Lollipop Flower 4

Lollipop Flowers are found HERE in the Embroidery It Etsy Store.

Be creative daily and live life beautifully!


Embroidery It Lollipop Flower 10

Embroidery It Lollipop Flower 11

Embroidery It Lollipop Flower 7

Machine Embroidered Painted Tulips

Embroidery It Painted Tulip 9

Dear Friends,

Spring is in full swing for some of you and for me, I know it is just around the corner.  With these painted tulips you can almost feel the freshness and smell their light earthy tones that tulips have.  These are sweet on t-shirts, tote bags and more!

Embroidery It Painted Tulip 8

Embroidery It Painted Tulip 1


In this set there are 5 designs and they require a 5 x 7 hoop.

Embroidery It Painted Tulip 6

Designs can be found HERE in the Embroidery It Etsy shop.

Embroidery It Painted Tulip 7



be creative daily and live life beautifully

In The Hoop 4 Flap Gift Box Spring Set


4 Flap Gift Box 4Dear Friends,

In-the-hoop projects are FUN and EASY!  It is great to have a finished project ready for gift giving.

Today I want to share with you the 4 Flap Gift Box Spring Set.  Just fill with candy, jewelry, or how about a small bar of handmade soap.  Any small treat is perfect for these.  Set has four designs.

4 Flap Gift Box 2

It has a Heart for Valentine’s Day,

Embroidery It 4 Flap Gift Box 6

A Shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day,

Embroidery It 4 Flap Gift Box 5

Happy Easter,

4 Flap Gift Box 1

and 4 You (for anytime).

These sweet gift boxes require a 5 x 7 hoop.   Step-by-step instructions are included.

4 Flap Gift Box 7

Just click HERE to get to them.

And if you like these, you will LOVE the 4 Flap Gift Box Fall Set.  Just click HERE.

Happy Embroidering,


be creative daily and live life beautifully

Embroidery It Fall Gift Box 5

Machine Embroidery Baby Clothes Closet Organizer

Dear Friends,

Embroidery It Spring 1

Just outside my window, mama robin has a big belly full of eggs!

Spring is working it’s way up to Michigan!  It is up to 60 degrees today and the birds have been chirping all day long.  Beautiful new life is showing itself all around and I couldn’t be happier!  Today is such a nice day for sure.

Embroidery It Closet Organizer 8

With all this new life, I have a sweet new set I now have HERE in the Embroidery It Etsy store.

Embroidery It Closet Organizer 7

It is a Baby Clothes Closet Organizer.    This design is just in time being the perfect gift for the new mom or mom-to-be. It will help keep her closet organized by separating the baby clothing into the appropriate sizes. No more searching for clothes that fit her growing baby.

Embroidery It Closet Organizer c
The design can be done in pink or blue colors if she knows the gender or stitch it in the colors to match her nursery. It is a gift any new mama will greatly appreciate.

Embroidery It Closet Organizer 6
This contains 7 designs. Newborn, 3 Months, 6 Months, 9 Months, 12 Months, 18 Months and 24 Months. It fits closet rods up to 1 3/8″ diameter.  It is all done in the 4 x 4 hoop.

Embroidery It Closet Organizer d

Happy Spring everyone!!

Be creative daily and live life beautifully,


Embroidery It Spring 2

What a difference just one week makes with my kitchen skin herbs.  Makes me smile.  I love spring!

Machine Embroidery Spring Hand Towels

Machine Embroidery – Spring Hand Towels

Hi Friends,
It was time to give my blog a new look.  Actually I got to playing with it because right beside me my embroidery machine is humming away with those boy scout neckerchiefs I mentioned in my previous post.  I don’t like to stray too far while it does it’s thing, so I’ve had a chance to play with my blog.

The hand towels are from Anita Goodesign and it is from the Spring Curls collection.  These are more designs that just make me smile.  The towels were from Wally World and I used a water soluble stabilizer on both the top and bottom.

At our house, it is bursting with signs of spring!  I’ve got most of the garden in now.  There should be no more freezes now till fall.  Mama robin has built her nest in the back yard.  I’ve enjoyed watching her.  We will have new baby birds very soon.  My peach and plum trees already have small green fruit and the grape vines look like they will be loaded.  On a sad note, my cherry tree froze.  Not even a single leaf on it.  I hope next year it comes back in full.  Last year I froze 20 pints of cherries and was looking forward to more this season.  Oh well, I will be thankful for the produce I do manage to harvest from my little yard.  The red bud tree and forsythia bushes have been so pretty.

Spring blessings to you all!

Easter Egg Applique

Easter Egg Applique

Dear Friends,
It’s Spring!  I’m doing the happy dance here because it is my favorite season!  My favorite colors are anything pastel.  Love it!!!  The trees are budding out now with the most beautiful spring green as their leaves unfold.  Take a look at the rhubarb poking with its head out of the ground.  I’m ready for a yummy rhubarb strawberry crisp and I can’t wait to start planting my tomatoes and other delicious vegetables.
With the warmer weather, I’ve been walking outside much more and being out in nature just gives me the feeling of being closer to God.  Despite my trials (we all have them) I have so much to be thankful for and spending time outside, especially working in my garden, just gives me a quiet opportunity to reflect on my blessings and to ask the Holy Spirit to guide me.
We have family coming to visit and I’ve been busy getting the house ready as well as planning the meals.  Sometime I just don’t know what to fix.  There are a lot of meals.  Do you ever feel like that?
My front door ready to greet everyone.  You are welcome to come for a visit.  I’d love to meet you!

The embroidery is from Needle Little Embroidery and is titled Rosebud Egg Applique.  I thought stitching it on burlap turned out so sweet.  I used a bamboo skewer to make a plant pick with it.  It is ready to welcome you at the door.

Blessings to you all,

How to do Cutwork Machine Embroidery a Step-By-Step Tutorial

How to do Cutwork Machine Embroidery a Step-By-Step Tutorial

Hi Friends,

I am so getting ready for Easter and spring too!  Our trees are starting to bud and I’ve started my garden seeds indoors.  Warmer weather is on its way!!

I want to show you a really sweet project cutwork Easter project.  It is a cutwork egg with Easter bunny inside.  You can read below what I am going to do with them.

This pattern comes from Advanced Embroidery Designs.   My machine’s largest hoop size is 5 x 7 and this pattern is 5 x 8 I was shocked, but it works.  I don’t understand why.  I figured it would say pattern too large for my machine, but it still fits inside my hoop.  I can’t promise for your own machine though.  I actually picked this pattern up free last year.  They have monthly free designs.  If it wouldn’t have been free, I would have been afraid to purchase it in thinking it wouldn’t work for my machine.

This really is an easy project so don’t let the name of the website fool you.  It took me about 1 hour 30 minutes to complete.

1.  Choose your fabric.  Best to use a small print.  I used a bright pink tone on tone for the first one and white thread.  For the second I used an off white tone on tone fabric with pastel variegated thread.  Have a full bobbin wound for this project too as well as a fresh sharp embroidery needle.

2.  Hoop fabric right side up with a water soluble stabilizer underneath.  Both are in the hoop.  Hoop tightly.
3. The first stitch out is a straight stitch around the outside of the egg. Remove your hoop from the machine and cut away a bit of the fabric on the outside of this stitching. I cut away about a half inch which you can see below.  Look closely.  The stitching is on the INSIDE of where I cut.  I cut out a half inch on the OUTSIDE of the stitching.  REMEMBER THESE TWO THINGS:  1. ONLY REMOVE YOUR HOOP FROM THE MACHINE. DO NOT REMOVE THE FABRIC FROM THE HOOP!  2.  DO NOT CUT YOUR WATER SOLUBLE STABILIZER.  ONLY CUT AWAY THE FABRIC!  (I’m not trying to sound bossy here 😉  I just really want to emphasize these two things.)
Cut very close to the stitch line for best results. On the first sample I did, the pink one, I was afraid to cut too close and that left frayed edges that were difficult to clean up. On the second sample I cut as close as 1/32″ to 1/64″ of an inch, very close to the stitching!

4. The second stitch out is an outline of the inner part of the egg and an outline of the interior design.

5.  Again remove the hoop from your machine and cut away only the fabric between the bunny and the inner egg.  Keep the stabilizer intact.  An applique scissors is a very handy tool to cut close to the stitching line.

6.  The third stitch out is all the lace work and design.  This is the part that takes the longest.  Just sit back and check out some blogs and read a bit while the machine does it’s magic.

7.  For the fourth and final stitch out it is a decorative stitch between the inner and outer egg lining.  You can change thread color if you like for this.

8.  Remove hoop and remove fabric from hoop.  Cut stabilizer close to the outside of the egg and place entire project in water.  This will dissolve the water soluble stabilizer.  Dry.  Press.  Enjoy!!!

I’m going to glue the pink one to the outside of an Easter card and attach a pretty ribbon as well.  For the pastel on the right I’m going to stitch it to a placemat.  I’ll either put that placemat in the center of the table with a basket of candy or I will make 6 more of these and make a total of 7 placemats for everyone at our Easter dinner.  I’ve got to decide on that first.

Enjoy and Easter Blessings to you,

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