Last Day for Free Rick Rack Letters U, V, W and X

Embroidery It Rick Rack Alphabet U1Embroidery It Rick Rack Alphabet V 2Embroidery It Rick Rack Alphabet W 2Embroidery It Rick Rack Alphabet X 2

Dear Friends,

A very quick note here to remind you to grab the letters U, V, W and X for free down at the bottom of my home page.  They will be replaced with the letters Y and Z tomorrow.  As always, you will be able to find them in the Embroidery It Etsy Shop.

Following that I am away with the family for two weeks.  A new series will begin once I return.

I hope you are all having the very BEST of summers!


be creative daily and live life beautifully

Machine Embroidery Rick Rack Alphabet Fun

Embroidery It Rick Rack Alphabet Hello Summer 1

Hi Friends,

I’ve been having so much fun with my Rick Rack Alphabet!  My embroidery machine has been busy.  As the snow melts I’m certainly looking forward to warmer weather.  I also wanted to create a banner for my eat in kitchen area.  I will be putting the banner up very soon!

Embroidery It Rick Rack Alphabet Hello Summer 2

Can’t you just tell I’m dreaming that the thermometer will soon rise 🙂

Embroidery It Rick Rack Alphabet Christmas M

Then I’ve always had in the back of my mind spelling out “Merry Christmas” with the Rick Rack Alphabet and using silver rick rack.  I got started with the letter M this past week.  Along with the yo-yo looking like a flower, it certainly looks like a lollypop so I’m going with the candy theme here.  The little embellishments are from “Dress It Up.”

Finally, more requests have been coming in asking for the remaining Rick Rack Alphabet letters.  I don’t have them all completed but here is what I am going to do.  The letters will still be free, one each week, but as I complete other letters further down the alphabet, I will have them in my Etsy store.  This way if you don’t want to wait for them to be free, you have the option of grabbing them sooner.  I won’t promise when the additional letters will be available, so be sure to pick in from time to time.

Hugs to each of you.

Remember…Be creative daily and live life beautifully.


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