Free Machine Embroidery Design Cross Stitch Letter v

Free Machine Embroidery Design Cross Stitch Letter v

Embroidery It Cross Stitch Alphabet v

Dear Friends,

Be sure to grab the cross stitch letter v on the home page.  It is free for you this week!

Embroidery It Family visiting Summer 2016

As for other news.  My brother and his family have been here the last couple weeks from Kansas visiting up here in Michigan.  Around the table are my Sister-in-law, daughter Katie, Katie’s dog Nala, (we now have 2 dogs) My mom, Our daughter Emily, and my two nieces.

We’ve been to the sand dunes, the girls have gone tubing down the river and this morning we are going to a U-Pick berry farm to get some fresh fruit.  Here is a good website if you are looking to find a place near you to pick your own fruits and berries.

Enjoy the day everyone!


be creative daily and live life beautifully

Beginner In-The-Hoop Project for New Graduate and Teacher Appreciation

Beginner In-The-Hoop Project for New Graduate and Teacher Appreciation

Embroidery It Graduation Gift Box 2

Dear Friends,

It’s that time of year.  My two youngest are both in college and although they are not looking forward to finals, they are looking forward to a break from their studies.

Embroidery It Graduation Gift Box 8

If you have a new graduate in your family or your child/grandchild has a special teacher, here is a quick and easy in-the-hoop project to whip up on your embroidery machine.

Embroidery It Graduation Gift Box 6

Four designs are included in the set and they are made in your 5 x 7 hoop.  Step-by-step instructions included.


Embroidery It Graduation Gift Box 1

Wrap up a gift for your special teacher and your favorite graduate. These gift boxes made on your embroidery machine hold several pieces of imported chocolate, a gift card to a favorite place, a handmade bar of scented soap or other small gift.

Happy Embroidering!


be creative daily and live life beautifully

ps.  I have some companionship in the Embroidery It studio this week.  We are waiting for mom’s furniture to arrive.

Embroidery It Mom

A New Year, A Creative New You January Reflection

Embroidery It A Creative New YouDear Friends,

We are already through January.  1/12 of the way through the year!  At the end of each month it is a good time to look back and to reflect.  I hope in your reflection time you find you have made progress towards some of your creative goals.

Looking back at my schedule of creative plans is something I enjoy doing.  It lets me see how far I’ve come and what I still need to do.

Take a moment to reflect back as well as to look forward.  What worked for you last month?  What didn’t?  Did you enjoy your creative time?  Use that knowledge in moving forward.  What creative plans do you have for this month?  How will they be fit into your calendar?  How will you most enjoy your creative time?

For me, two things that really worked were scheduling creative time on the calendar and daily journaling.  I journaled 23 out of 31 days and it became a great way to process thoughts which in turn helped my productivity immensely.  Because of such good results, you better believe I plan to continue scheduling and journaling.

Here are some of the creative things I made during January.

Embroidery It Mike's Birthday 1Embroidery It Mike's Birthday 2I embroidered two shirts for Mike’s birthday.  Both designs came from Designs by Sick.

Embroidery It Valentine's Day 2016A Valentine Treat Bag for Emily with her sorority letters.  My own creation.

Embroidery It Quilt Shop 1

I have also found a new quilt shop here in Grand Rapids!!!!!  Yippee!!!!  It was total eye candy.  I am hoping to take a class that will be in April which will be a lot of fun.

Another thing I did here in January which relates to creativity is I joined a local group of business women entrepreneurs that meet monthly.  It’s nice to get out of the house and share ideas with others in person.  It’s easy for me to stay at home–too much so  I need to make a real point of getting out of the house more.  I came home from the January meeting fresh and inspired and look forward to our next meeting.

If you would like to look back and refresh yourself on any of the A New Year, A Creative New You posts, you can find them here:

Day 1

Day 2

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Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

For now friends,  Happy Embroidering,


be creative daily and live life beautifully

Happy Thanksgiving

Bottle Apron 1

Dear Friends,

This year for Thanksgiving we are getting to spend it with my brother and his family, my mother and two of our three children.  We have so much to be thankful for.  Big things, little things, there is goodness and so many blessings all around if we just open our eyes to see it.

Today I’d like to share with you my list of top 10 things I’m thankful for.

10.  Living in the Midwest.  This is home to me and I am so thankful that my husband’s job has brought us back to the Midwest where life is just a little slower, a little less flashy and beauty that takes my breath away.

9.  Our military and emergency personnel who keep us safe and who give so much of themselves to all in need.

8.  My health.  Any issues I have I am able to live and deal with but generally speaking I am in good health and for that I am truly thankful.

7.  Our home, car, hot water, food on the table and all the many tangible blessings and that includes my embroidery machine.

Embroidery It Bottle Apron 2

6.   My ability to create in all areas of my life.  Machine embroidery, crafts, cooking and decorating our home are all ways I can express my creativity and I’m thankful to be able to do so.

5.  My business Embroidery It. Let me share that I have wanted my own business for years. Seriously years! The closest I ever came to having my own business before Embroidery It was I belonged to a party plan company for three years. Even though I could schedule my own hours, it was still their business and not truly my own. I longed for my own creative business and I was so scared when I took the leap and went forward with Embroidery It. It may be small, but it is 100% mine and I’m thankful for it each and every day.

4.  I’m thankful for YOU. Oh my goodness you are some wonderful people.  And dear friends, you are helping me with #7. #6 and #5 on my list so “thank you so much.”

3.  Our extended families and our church family.

2.  My husband and children and our little old beagle.

1. I am so thankful that Jesus died on the cross for all believers and that he forgives all our weaknesses so that we may have everlasting life with Him.

Embroidery It Bottle Apron 3

Wishing each of you a very Happy Thanksgiving today.



ps.  In-the-hoop embroidery design is from Embroidery Library

Machine Embroidered Garden Flag Christmas Present

Embroidery It Garden Flag 4

Dear Friends,

I finished the garden flag I had been working on for my dear brother and Sister-in-law. I embroidered the design onto ogsnaburg fabric which you can find at the store located with the utility fabrics. Then I stitched on the ribbon stripes and finally backed it with duck cloth. When turned right side out I did a bit of topstitching around the edge as well. I didn’t use a pattern, just kind of winged the design myself using an existing garden flag for the approximate size. For the finishing touch I added a bow out of the same ribbon that was made the stripes. I think I need a bit of bow making practice. 🙂

Embroidery It Garden Flag 6

This was the first one I made and have now made a couple more since using burlap which was fun to stitch on. In hindsight, I wish I would have bought some purple Kansas State wildcat fabric to create the monogram letter R. Maybe I will just have to make them another one next year.

The small font was built into my machine but the applique letter “R” is from 8 Claws and a Paw.

Happy Embroidering everyone,


be creative daily and live life beautifully

A Couple of Embroidered Christmas Gifts

Embroidery It Tote Bag 2

I’m getting ready to spend some time with family over Thanksgiving and I won’t be seeing them over Christmas so I need to have their gifts ready yesterday!  I really should have done these a few weeks ago.

I got a couple of blank totes at a place called The Christmas Tree Shoppe in Shelby Township while I was there teaching at the Michigan Embroiderers Fall Fest.  The Christmas Tree Shoppe reminds me of a store I’m more familiar with called Big Lots.  Do you know that one?  A friend of mine used to call it Big Lots of Junk.  HA!  Seriously though, both of those places are fun to poke around in and the prices are pretty unbeatable.

Embroidery It Tote Bag 1

The picture at the top of the post is for my sweet Sister-in-law.  Then the second picture shows a tote bag I made for mom.  I was using the camera feature on my 10 needle to center the design.  It still got a bit off center.  I’ll need to try it again to see if the camera really is off or if it was user error.  I’m betting it was the latter.

The fonts, frame and flower design were all built into my machine.  Like I said, I wanted to do something Q-U-I-C-K!

Are any of you working on Christmas gifts?  Handmade is best you know!

Sending you all a big Embroidery It hug,


be creative daily and live life beautifully

A Sad Week

Embroidery It November 2014Our last family photo taken November 2014.

Dear Friends,

It was last Tuesday when my father went peacefully to be with Jesus.  Many of you have been following my journey for some time and for those of you who are new, my dad has had cancer for many years.  In fact he was diagnosed when our Emily, back row left, was just a newborn and she is 20 now.

He was uncomfortable but never in much pain and his last 40 hours were at spent at the Hospice house with us at his side.

I arrived in Kansas the Saturday before and was able to spend some precious time with both mom and dad.  Dad was alert until the end.

Thank you all for the many prayers we have received over the years for him.  Even though my life feels so upside down at the moment I know God is right at my side.  My dear friend Michelle says that Dad just made it to the party before we did and she is so right.  Someday we will join him at the best party of all.

I love each and every one of you who are here reading this and if you ever need a prayer, just leave a comment with your prayer request and know that I will be praying for you.  God is great.



Dad Moves into the Nursing Home

Embroidery It Mom and Dad Oct. 2015

Dear Friends,

I have just returned from a visit to Kansas to spend some time with my parents and to help my dad get settled into his new room… the nursing home.  Sigh…I did not want him to go to the nursing home but he requires more care than what mom and the home health nurses can give him.

A month ago he was hospitalized due to blood clots in his legs.  He was in the hospital for 6 days then transferred to rehab.  All this, nursing home, rehab, and independent living apartment where my mom lives are in the same large complex.  The rehab was in a separate building.

His time at rehab had come to an end and the physical and occupational therapists felt like Dad had plateaued and was not getting any stronger.  He just wasn’t able to return to the apartment with mom.

Embroidery It Dad Oct. 2015

So we got him settled into the nursing home.  This is where I started my nursing career 30 years ago and worked for 5 years first as a nurse’s aide and then as an RN.  I consider it to be the best nursing home around but still, anyway you slice it, it is still a nursing home and it makes me sad to see my dad in there and not with mom.

On the plus side, Dad is in a private room at the end of a hall so it is a bit quieter down there.  Another plus is that the nursing home is connected to the apartments so Mom can go and visit him without having to go outside or drive.  Take note of Mom’s new toy!  I gave her a speed limit with that thing. 🙂

Embroidery It Mom Oct. 2015

Another huge plus, although Dad is weak and requires much assistance, he still has his mind and he is not in pain.  I call him every day and when I ask him how he feels he usually says he feels “reasonable”.  Mom eats lunch with Dad in the nursing home every day so that is nice.  He could go and visit her in the apartment but thus far he has not wanted to go that far and I think perhaps it he doesn’t want the memories or the sight of what he is missing.

It is all very sad for me to watch but I know God is caring for them and His plan never fails.

Friends, I feel so blessed to be able to visit them and as I have said before I will be going down there every month while we have Dad with us.  When he passes I will move Mom up here with me in Michigan.  This has been planned for several years now.  I am also so thankful to be able to share with you and to know that you understand when there is no newsletter or any word from me that I am with my parents and that I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you all for your continued prayers.  They mean the world to me and my parents.

Love and blessings to all of you,


A Visit to Kansas

Hi Friends,

I’ve returned from a visit to see my parents in Kansas this past week and I want to share a couple of quick pics I took.

I’m so happy to say that Dad is really holding his own now.  His last PSA was 274 which was down from 276.  Yes you read that right for those of you who know about this and that it should be ‘0’ in men.  He has been taking the essential oil capsules I gave him which contain frankincense.  Dad calls them his ‘Nancy vitamins’ and he takes one, twice a day.  I think he gets his PSA levels taken again next month so it will be interesting to see if the frankincense has helped any more.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading about this online and it is one of those things that can’t hurt him.  Since he is not having any more chemo or other cancer treatments why not give it a try.  There is a lot of research being done with frankincense and I’m sure in a few years we will know more about its uses.  For those of you interested in what he is taking, it is called ‘Deep Blue’ and it is from the company DoTerra.  I have no affiliation with this company nor do I endorse any of its products.  It is just something we are trying as his prostate cancer is now in both his lymph nodes and bones.

Embroidery It Mom and Dad July 2015

I love this picture of my dad.  I really love it.  I think he looks strong in this photo and that is how I always remember my daddy as being a strong and good man.  That is my mom behind him.  This is the exercise room at the independent living apartments where they are now living.  A nurse comes in twice a day to do some minor medical care for him.  I’m so thankful there is someone who is around to keep an eye on them.

Embroidery It Mom and Dad 2 July 2015

This is the last quilt top my mom has pieced.  I love the colors in it and I hope one day I can quilt as good as she does.  She has such a good eye for color and her piecing is perfect.  Mom, in general, is doing well but bless her heart she has just come down with a case of shingles since I left.  She had the shingles vaccine a couple of years ago so I’m hopeful it will only be a mild case and have no lasting effects.

As always, thank you for your prayers for them.  They are appreciated more than you know.

With love to you all,


be creative daily and live life beautifully

Adorable Machine Embroidered Applique Horseshoes

Dear Friends,

Katie 7

My latest designs have been inspired by out daughter Katie who as you know is currently serving in the Air Force.  Katie loves horses.  Actually she loves all animals and for a long time she wanted to be a veterinarian.  When she finishes her time in the Air Force, which will be next May, she plans to study equine dentistry and become a horse dentist.  She hopes to live on a farm where she can raise lots of animals and little critters.  She has the heart of St. Francis.

Katie 1

Remember the “Barn Girl” jacket she asked me to embroider for her.

Double Horseshoe with Rhinestones

There are three horseshoe applique designs and they are sold individually.  There is a small single horseshoe which fits the 4 x 4 hoop, a large single horseshoe for the 5 x 7 hoop, and a double horseshoe which fits the 5 x 7 hoop.

Double Horseshoe

The final stitching of the design is the nails in the horseshoe.  These may be eliminated and you may replace them with rhinestones or sequins for an added touch.  A bow also adds a bit of fun.

Single Horseshoe with Rhinestones

The designs may be found in my Etsy store.

Single Horseshoe



Be creative daily and live life beautifully!

Happy Easter Friends

Embroidery it Easter 2015 2Embroidery it Easter 2015 2

On the most holy of all days, a very Happy Easter to all my machine embroidery friends from me and my family.

Our oldest daughter continues to serve in the Air Force and we miss her very much.  We wish she could be here to celebrate with us.

May each of you have a very special and blessed Easter today.

Christ’s love to you all,


Embroidery It Easter 2015 4Embroidery it Easter 2015 3Embroidery It Easter 2015 1

Machine Embroidery On Hoodies and Happy New Year’s Eve

Machine Embroidery on Hoodies and Happy New Year’s Eve

Dear Friends,
I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and are now gearing up for the brand new year.  A time for fresh beginnings awaits us.

I received some wonderful machine embroidery items for Christmas (will share with you in an upcoming post) but my most favorite gift of all was having my family all together.

You see, I was not expecting Katie to be able to come for a visit as she is in the Air Force.  Mike and Katie had other secret plans as Katie had a couple of days off.  It was two days before Christmas and we were all sitting in the living room.  Mike says he has an early Christmas present for us and we are to close our eyes.

I jokingly said, “Is it a puppy?”  I knew good and well it wasn’t a puppy.  We all closed our eyes and our beagle, Cindy, starts yipping excitedly.  I laughed and said, “It IS a puppy!”

Mike says to open our eyes and sitting before us was KATIE!  He flew her in for a couple of days!  What joy!

I was still in need of getting a few groceries for our Christmas meal.  I rushed to our Meijer  which is a one stop grocery/department store.  It was a cold and snowy day.

Along with the groceries, I grabbed a few things to wrap for Katie so she would have SOMETHING under the tree.  First, I got us all matching jammies.  Then I also got her a warm hoodie and a robe.  (I had mailed her Christmas gifts earlier)

Upon opening the hoodie, Katie asked for a bit of personalization on her hoodie which I happily agreed to.  Katie loves horses.  The font and swirl designs are built into my machine, Brother 1250D.

It was sad for us to say goodbye to Katie.  She deploys early March to Kuwait.  Please keep her and all our service men and women in your prayers.
I hope each of you had a very Merry Christmas.  Having all our family around the table and going to church made it simply perfect for me.
With loving New Year’s wishes to you all,

Machine Embroidery Wedding Favors

Machine Embroidery Wedding Favors

Hi Friends,
I’m here but don’t expect to see too much of me this summer.  It is a whirlwind of busy!!!  So much has happened since my last post and I will get to that in a moment.  For now though, let me show you some wedding favors I’m making that are a current work in progress.

These are little Hershey nugget wraps I’ve made for a wedding reception.  I’m making 100 of them!  It is a simple and quick in-the-hoop project done on white felt.  I’ve used wisteria purple thread which is one of their wedding colors.  The designs come from one of my favorite places, Embroidery Garden.

Well, since I last wrote a post, Emily graduated from high school.  That was a big day.  It was also the day that the horrible tornadoes went through Oklahoma City which is where Katie is stationed.  During the middle of that afternoon we started getting phone calls asking about Katie.  What a blessing she had two days off and was with us, safe and sound, for Emily’s graduation.  Katie reported that some of the destruction was as near as 1/2 mile from the base.  That tragedy is something that has weighed heavy on my heart so please know if you are in the area and affected, I am still praying every day for you.  I think I was saddened most about the children.  I don’t know what to say other than, I’m so sorry.


Following graduation we celebrated Katie’s 20th birthday, followed immediately by Emily’s 18th birthday.  Follow that by our 25th wedding anniversary!  I love my sweet husband so much!!!

We went out for a special dinner and he gave me a silver bracelet.  25th is the silver anniversary!
Mike and I also went to Michigan for three days since I last wrote.  It was so beautiful and green there.  It is very brown where I live, high desert region.

Finally, I’ve spent two full days at the University of New Mexico with Emily at her orientation where she will go to school next year.  She is so excited and I’m excited for her!  I loved my days in college and it brought back a lot of good memories.  Mike and I were college sweethearts!

As I said at the beginning, don’t expect to see me too much here, but know I’ll stop in when I get a chance.  Know that I’m around and I’m thinking of each of you.

Love and blessings to you all,

Machine Embroidery Boy Scout Neckerchiefs Finished

Machine Embroidery Boy Scout Neckerchiefs Finished


The boy scout neckerchiefs are finished!  Below is a picture of only about half of the troop.  I just love those boys!  My son Timothy is the one in the second row wearing shorts.  They are all busy, busy getting prepared and in shape for the long 71 mile hike through the mountains of Philmont, a national boy scout camp here in New Mexico.

As for what else is going on around here, Emily graduates from high school in two days.  Family is coming in for her graduation as well as my Air Force girl Katie!!!!!!  God is so good to bring us all here together.  I am so thankful to Him.

Have a beautiful and blessed weekend everyone.

Happy Mother’s Day and The Sewing Machine Accessory Bible Book Review

Happy Mother’s Day and The Sewing Machine Accessory Bible Book Review

Dear Friends,
Happy Mother’s Day to all you sweet moms.  We put in thousands upon thousands of hours raising our babies and I must say, we deserve a special day in which to receive a bit of pampering.  I hope you are all being treated like queens and getting the royal treatment.  Despite all the sacrifices we do for our children, what a blessing it is to be a mom.  I am so grateful for my three.
This morning Mike and I walked to a favorite breakfast place and shared an order of biscuits and gravy along with a great cup of coffee.  The walk is just over 5 miles round trip so I certainly got my exercise in.  I love going for walks with my hubby so this is a treat to spend time together just the two of us.
The beautiful roses are from my son Timothy.  They smell so good.  Timothy knows I LOVE flowers!
Mike has driven with him up to Santa Fe for his rugby game.  I’m staying home and resting this afternoon.  Sore throat is there but much better today.  Several of you e-mailed me that you were praying.  Thank you!  Prayers answered!!!!
Emily came up with this clever gift.  She gave me $20 in a jar in $1 bills.  I just cannot lose those 20 stinkin’ pounds.  The scale is stuck like gon my current weight.  Yes, I could try harder, but I really LIKE food!
For each pound I lose, I am to move one dollar to the other jar.  The jar with the money in it says “pounds to go”  The currently empty jar says “pounds lost”.  When I have lost all 20 pounds I am to spend the $20 on myself.  I love this!  This is real motivation now as I can’t let her down and a bonus for me when the weight is off!  The jar on the left better not stay empty for long.
And from my Air Force girl Katie, I received the best gift, a phone call with lots of love.  Love is all this mama really needs.

Now from Mike, he did get some direction as to what I would like.  He got me this book, The Sewing Machine Accessory Bible by Wendy Gardiner and Lorna Knight as well as a couple of specialty sewing feet I had asked for.  I thought you might like to take a little look into the book.

The bias binding foot you see in the picture is what I used on all those boy scout neckerchiefs.
One of the specialty feet Mike got me was an adjustable binding foot for larger size bindings.
 The other specialty sewing foot Mike got me was a cording foot which you can see above.
Mike and I have always been do-it-yourself kind of people when it comes to many things.  We have gutted a house, done electrical work, plumbing, tiling and much more.  One of the things we say is why pay when we can do it ourselves and also that it is best to have the right tool for the job.  That is the way it is with these specialty feet.  They do a great job for the technique the are made for.  It makes life a whole lot simpler to have the right tool for the job.  Plus, doing specialty items in sewing is just plain fun!

Let me give you just a brief overview about the book.

First off, the book is such a pretty book to look through.
Chapter 1 is the Essential Kit
Chapter 2 is Basic Feet
Chapter 3 is Specialty Fabric and Technique Feet
Chapter 4 is Pretty Edges
Chapter 5 is Fancy Stitching and finally
Chapter 6 is Buyer’s Guide
With each foot, it first talks about what the sewing foot looks like.  Then it goes into how the foot works.  Then there is an “ideas file” which shows other effects you can get from each foot.
I really like this book and should go over to Amazon and give it a 5 star rating as honestly, it is just well done.  It will certainly remain on my shelf as a reference that I know I will look at again and again.

Finally, to finish off my day, after Mike and Tim get home we will be going to church this evening.  Thankfully our church as numerous options as to when we can attend so when our schedule is thrown off, like with the rugby game today.  Then I’m sure we will be eating out tonight and I won’t be cooking.  My favorite food when we go out…..Sushi!  Yum!!  {Yes I could cook myself.  There are times when we do make exceptions to the DIY attitude we have!}

Happy Mother’s Day and love and blessings to you all,

Machine Embroidery – Boy Scout Neckerchiefs

Machine Embroidery – Boy Scout Neckerchiefs

Hi Dear Friends,
Whew, the neckerchief design for the boy scouts is done!  This is my second digitizing design I’ve completed and I’m thrilled at the results.  Remember what it started out looking like below?  It is a map of the hiking trek that the boys will be taking this summer at the Philmont National Scout Ranch.

More was added in the detail and we went to three colors.  I’m making the neckerchiefs as well.  I’ve used broadcloth to stitch them on.  The stabilizer is Floriani’s fusible wash away.  It certainly makes for a smooth surface to stitch on.  For the final step I’m stitching on 1/4″ bias tape.  That’s what gives it the nice candy stripe effect as the neckerchief twists up at the ends.

Here is my son Timothy, our youngest.  He is such a character and was goofing off for the camera below.  He really has a great sense of humor and loves to tease his sisters, and his parents too!  I’m very proud of him and all he does in boy scouts.  He is a good young man.  Timothy is a Life scout and will become an Eagle scout this summer.  He and Mike have been involved in scouting since Tim was six years old.  He will turn 16 in July.  Golly I’m feeling old.  My babies are all growing up!

Now I’m working on making 20 of these neckerchiefs for everyone.  It’s keeping me busy for a few days!

Anyone want to hike 71 miles up, down and around a couple mountains? 🙂

Embroidery Blessings!!

Machine Embroidery Using a Wing Needle

Machine Embroidery using a Wing Needle

Hi Friends,
This past week was spring break for my children and boy did we have fun.  Mike and Tim went on a boy scout camping trip and Emily and I drove to Oklahoma City to visit Katie in the Air Force.

Two beautiful sisters, Emily and Katie.  Oh how mama loves you both!

This was my first time to visit her there!  She gave us a tour of the base and her dorm room (tiny dorm room).  She has her own bedroom with sink, but shares a bathroom and kitchen with another girl.  In her kitchen I saw she had one of my tea towels.  (I was wondering where it had gone to!)  Of course she can have it.  I’m delighted she liked something I had made and wants to use it!  Here it is…

It is just a tea towel with a fabric strip sewn onto the bottom to add more color.  Then for the butterfly, I used colors to match the fabric.  The interesting part of this design is that between the butterfly and the diamond, a wing needle was used with white thread to add a beautiful dramatic effect.

Just look how wide the needle is.  As the needle punches through the fabric, it pushes the fabric and creates a little hole.  Can you see it in the picture above?  It gives is a richness with the texture it creates.  The hole is created by the needle going through the same spot numerous times.  One thing is that you do need to do is manually turn the handwheel of your machine to make certain the needle passes through the throat plate easily.

Just a note, if using a wing needle, be sure to do it on a cotton fabric.  If you use it on a fabric with polyester or other man made material, the fabric will have a tendency to spring back into place and the little hole will fill in and not be noticeable.
Also it is wise to use an embroidery design especially made for using a wing sewing needle.  This design is from Sew Inspired by Bonnie.
So we are back home now.  This morning we are home and the sun is shining.  The leaves on the trees are the most beautiful spring green and the robins, finches and other birds are singing.  Spring always has been and always will be my favorite season.
Love and blessings to you all!


Machine Embroidery Gym Bags and Cheer Skirts

Machine Embroidery Gym Bags and Cheer Skirts

Dear Friends,
This has been a busy week following Easter.  Even so, I finished sewing names on cheer skirts and gym bags for a team.  They asked me to specifically sew over the pleats which I was very hesitant to do.  That is what they wanted.  Needless to say, when the girls have them on, the skirt flairs out so my concerns were aleviated and all looked well.

This is our beagle, Cindy.  I set up a folding table in Katie’s old room to have extra room for doing the skirts.  Cindy follows me everywhere, so as I worked, she was right there with me in the room, shoring soundly!  She too, was tired from a busy week 🙂  I do have to say, the bed she’s on had been made, but that little ornery girl pushes all the covers off to the side and makes a mess of them and the pillows.  Funny girl 🙂

With the money I’ve made doing embroidery, I splurged on this that I have been wanting for a long time!  It is a medium Wacom Intuos 5.  I’ve never used a graphics tablet before, but as I learn to digitize embroidery, I’ve felt this will be a huge time saver and it has been recommended by many to me.  Our son’s boy scout troop wants me to design their neckerchiefs for their big camping trip this summer.  That set me over the top in “needing” one.

So as I play with my new toy, I leave you with…

Machine Embroidery Free Standing Lace Doily

Machine Embroidery Free Standing Lace Doily

Good Morning Friends,
I had a very special weekend.  I was fortunate to get to go to Kansas to visit my parents.  Katie, who is in the Air Force drove up from Oklahoma City to be with us as well.  It was so nice and a blessing to see family!!
I made this very sweet free standing lace doily for my mother.  The pattern for it came from Pixies Rule.  It is from their “Lace Coaster” set.  I’m quite fond of free standing lace and thought this set was so pretty.
Sweet hubby needed some cross country hours and since I was wanting to visit my parents he flew us and I got to play co-pilot.  Just thought you might enjoy a few pics.

Embroidery blessings to all of you!

Machine Embroidery Hand Towels

Machine Embroidered Thanksgiving Hand Towels

Dear Friends,
I’ve been busy with some continued sports work for clubs.  It has been a nice trickle of business coming in.  Not too much to overwhelm me with the holidays fast approaching.
I’ve also been making a handful of these Thanksgiving hand towels for all the ladies in the family that we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with.  It will be a houseful of hustle and bustle of activity and chatter.
Let me tell you briefly about the towels.

This is a fun and quick project. I used water-soluble stabilizer on the top and bottom so that the stitches would not sink into the nap of the towel.  The pattern for this is from Embroidery Library and I got the towels at Costco.  Just be sure to preshrink the towels first before embroidering on them!

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving holiday.  We have so much to be thankful for.  God is so FAITHful and good!  I am so grateful to have been able to start this little business this year and for it to be steady.  This has brought me such joy.  Our daughter Katie is home from the Air Force for 2 weeks.  How wonderful to have her home!!

May you all have safe travels this week and know that you, my readers are in my prayers.  I am thankful for each of YOU!


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