Birthday Party Day 7 Inspirational Teacup Coasters and Free Bonus Cupcake Embroidery Design

Birthday Party Day 7 Inspirational Teacup Coasters and Free Bonus Cupcake Embroidery Design

Inspirational Teacup Machine Embroidery Design

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the final day of the Embroidery It Birthday Party.

Inspirational Teacup in the hoop coasters

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support, kindness and generosity.  I truly appreciate each and every one of you.  It is through you that my dreams, goals and visions are coming true.  I sincerely thank you.

Inspirational teacup coasters machine embroidery designs

As we wrap up the birthday party, it is Sunday, a day of rest.  I hope you will use these inspirational teacup coasters as a gentle reminder to enjoy each day and all life has to offer with its many blessings.

Inspirational teacup coasters gift set

Make a set of 4 or 8 coasters for yourself, or they make a lovely gift bundled up and added with some tea, a teacup and a homemade muffin or small box of chocolates.  Give as a hostess gift, housewarming, get well, birthday, retirement gift and the list goes on.  There are 8 designs in the set.

Inspirational teacups in the hoop machine embroidery coasters

Inspirational teacups in the hoop machine embroidery coasters

These are stitched on felt and made in your 4 x 4 hoop.

You will find the Inspirational Teacup Coasters HERE in Etsy


HERE in Zibbet.

Also there is a bonus design today.

Find the Banner Cupcake design for FREE HERE. (note:  this design will only be available for one week)

Happy Birthday Machine Embroidery Party with new and free designs

You may find all the other Banner Items HERE.

Have a very happy day stitching,


be creative daily and live life beautifully

Have You Been Collecting the Free Alphabet

Have You Been Collecting the Free Alphabet


I want to make sure you see the free alphabet and to remind you that the letter changes weekly.  Be sure to grab it each week for FREE!  After that, the letters do go up for sale in the Embroidery It Zibbet Shop. Today the letter “I” has been released.  You may get it HERE.

Offering you the free letters is my way of saying “Thank You” for visiting and your support.  I appreciate each of you so much!

Also, just a small head’s up.  Remember last year’s Birthday Party?  Embroidery It turns 3 in just one month!  I’m working on a little some’in-some’in just for you that you won’t want to miss.

Make it a great day Everyone!!!


be creative daily and live life beautifully

Free Machine Embroidery in the hoop banner alphabet

New Free Alphabet Begins on Wednesday

New Free Alphabet Begins on Wednesday

Free Machine Embroidery in the hoop banner alphabet

Dear Friends,

So excited to share with you the new free alphabet  machine embroidery design set which begins this Wednesday.

It is an in the hoop double applique banner alphabet.  It matches the same size as the previous banner letters so the additional pieces will coordinate perfectly.

Thank you for letting your embroidery friends know about this both so they can find Embroidery It as well as get in on the very beginning and not miss a single letter.

So until Wednesday!!


be creative daily and live life beautifully

Rainy Day, Free Cross Stitch Letter, Shopify, This and That

Rainy Day, Free Cross Stitch Letter, Shopify, This and That

Embroidery It Quilt Heart

Dear Friends,

What a rainy day we are having this morning.  I’m thankful for the rain and the bit of coolness that it brings.  Makes for a quiet day at home to embroider, and read.

I pulled out Mackinac Island Fudge coffee this morning for a pick-me-up and the girls like it too.

Embroidery It Cross Stitch Alphabet q

I want to remind you to be sure to pick up the free cross stitch letter “q” this week.  I will be changing it out early Wednesday morning so you still have a couple of days.

Finally, and this is the first time I’ve shared this with you all, I’m working on getting Embroidery It up on Shopify.

There are several reasons for this.  I think it is a good next step.  I’ve still struggled with getting my own website shopping cart system working here.  I just don’t know enough yet and if I had problems with the shopping cart, I wouldn’t know how to fix them.  Shopify is more like Etsy in that they handle the payments securely and safely for everyone and I’ve heard wonderful things about Shopify.  I think I can basically sell directly here on my website and then when you click to buy, it will take you over to Shopify.  Still working out the details on that.  On Shopify, I can arrange my designs in a way that will be easier for customers to navigate and find.  Shopify will cost me less money.  It is a monthly fee plus a small percentage that will be less than what Etsy charges.

It is a learning curve for sure though.  Some of my pictures show up dark.  I think I need a different photo editing software to correct this problem.

I won’t be leaving Etsy so for those of you who love Etsy, you will still be able to find me there.  Etsy has a special place in my heart as that is where I started.  Finally, I think it is a good thing to be a couple of places in that if Etsy ever decided to shut down for who knows why…I have a back up going.  Or, if Shopify went away, I would still have Etsy.

Shopify will have a newsletter sign-up form and if all works as planned, it will merge with the one here so you won’t need to sign up again.

Update July 20, 2016 – At this time I’m no longer moving forward with Shopify.  It still is not giving me what I want in a website.  Pooh!  I just need to get my own website here up and running properly.

That’s all for now…Have a wonderful day friends, no matter what the weather is like in your area.

Hugs and blessings to you all.


be creative daily and live life beautifully.

Embroidery It Quilt Heart 2

Heart applique quilt block can be found HERE.


A Behind the Scenes Glance at Digitizing an Embroidery Design

A Behind the Scenes Glance at Digitizing an Embroidery Design

Embroidery It Behind the scenes

Dear Friends,

Here is a sneak peek behind the scenes of creating an Embroidery design.

Here I am in the Embroidery It studio.  First I sketch my designs on my sketch pad.  I always use a pencil and sometimes colored pencils.

Then I transfer the design to the computer using embroidery software.  (I use Generations, but there are a number of different ones out on the market.  Most have a 30 day trial so if you are looking for one, try several to see which feels the most intuitive to you)  What you see in front of the computer is an electronic sketch pad or tablet and pen.  I use a Wacom, but again there are several different ones out there.

All my designs are digitized by hand.  I never use auto digitizing.  Also, all designs at Embroidery It are my own artwork.  You will not find these designs elsewhere.

After the design is digitized, I test it out on my embroidery machine.  Sometimes what I think looks good in my head and on paper doesn’t always translate well to thread and fabric.

I make any computer changes to the design as is necessary and stitch the design again.

When I’m satisfied with the design I gather it in all the formats.

I also photograph the finished design.

You Are

Then I put the design in my Etsy shop and I write about it here!

And that is what goes into the making of a design.

You can find this design in the Etsy shop HERE.

Happy Embroidering,


be creative daily and live life beautifully

Easter Wishes

Embroidery It Happy Easter Patchwork Egg 1

Dear Friends,

Wishing you a most beautiful and blessed Easter tomorrow.

Thank you for being with me on this embroidery journey of mine.



Applique Rhinestone Bling Easter Eggs

Applique Egg w Wave Center 4Applique Egg w Polka Dots 2Applique Egg w Ovals 3Applique Egg w Flower 2

Want to add the extra sparkle to a child’s t-shirt or as a pretty element on an Easter Basket?  Set of 4 applique Easter eggs that any little girl will love.  Made easily in your 4 x 4 hoop.  Just sew or glue rhinestones in place.

Applique Easter Eggs can be found HERE.



be creative daily and live life beautifully

Machine Embroidered Banner and Applique Shamrock

Embroidery It Banner Shamrock 1

Good Morning Friends,

I’m typing this on a very cold and blustery morning.  Snow covers the ground and I keep replenishing the bird seed in the feeder for all the hungry creatures.  Even the squirrels come to nibble on the ground what the birds drop.  Precious sight to see the bright red of the cardinals against the snow.

Embroidery It Banner Shamrock 2

While my home is decorated for Valentine’s day, it is time to start thinking ahead as the next holiday is St. Patrick’s Day.  With St. Patrick’s Day, we know spring will be just around the corner.

Embroidery It Banner Shamrock 3

To get us ready for St. Patrick’s Day, the Banner Shamrock will add lively color to our home.  Pair it with some banner alphabet letters to make a welcoming sign.  It is made to be the perfect size to go with the letters.

Embroidery It Banner Shamrock 4

An important thing to note…The buttonholes are the last color to stitch in the design.  This means it is easy to eliminate them as you don’t have to stitch them.  By doing this, you can use this shamrock design as an applique on a shirt, tote bag or towels!

There are two designs in this set.  One where the shamrock stem points left and the other right so choose which works best for your project.

Embroidery It Banner Shamrock 5

Stay warm friends and have some fun stitching some green for a change.

You can find the Banner Shamrock HERE in the Embroidery It Etsy Shop.


be creative daily and live life beautifully

Machine Embroidery Design Pennant Banner T Free This Week

Let's Celebrate Banner Letter T by Embroidery It

Dear Friends,

Just a heads up that you have through Tuesday to grab the letter T for free this week.  It is currently at the bottom of the home page and will soon be replaced.  Requires a 5 x 7 hoop.

Enjoy and happy embroidering,


be creative daily and live life beautifully

Machine Embroidered Christmas Candy Holder Set

Embroidery It Christmas Candy Holder 1

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for requesting more of the candy holders.  I’m pleased to let you know that the Christmas Candy Holder set has now been released and is available in the Etsy shopEmbroidery It Christmas Candy Holder 7

This is the PERFECT time for you to use that Embroidery glitter fabric or other fun fabric you have in your stash.  Glittery fabric absolutely sparkles on the Christmas tree.  Burlap is so popular right now and these ornaments work well with that as well.  Also think about stitching on some beads or buttons.  How sweet would that be!

Embroidery It Christmas Candy Holder 8

These candy holder designs can be used as Christmas ornaments, attached to a package, place settings at the table, hung on doorknobs or hung on garland that spirals up the staircase.  Let your imagination go!

Embroidery It Christmas Candy Holder 9

A pine tree, wreath and bell are the three designs in the set and all are made in your 4 x 4 hoop.  Step-by-step instructions included with many color photos.

Hop on over today and you can whip up a bunch this afternoon for your Christmas decorating.

Embroidery It Christmas Candy Holder 4

And because I know many of you will be asking, I got my glitter fabric from BFC-Stash.



life is good and precious so be creative daily and live life beautifully

Machine Embroidered Garden Flag Christmas Present

Embroidery It Garden Flag 4

Dear Friends,

I finished the garden flag I had been working on for my dear brother and Sister-in-law. I embroidered the design onto ogsnaburg fabric which you can find at the store located with the utility fabrics. Then I stitched on the ribbon stripes and finally backed it with duck cloth. When turned right side out I did a bit of topstitching around the edge as well. I didn’t use a pattern, just kind of winged the design myself using an existing garden flag for the approximate size. For the finishing touch I added a bow out of the same ribbon that was made the stripes. I think I need a bit of bow making practice. 🙂

Embroidery It Garden Flag 6

This was the first one I made and have now made a couple more since using burlap which was fun to stitch on. In hindsight, I wish I would have bought some purple Kansas State wildcat fabric to create the monogram letter R. Maybe I will just have to make them another one next year.

The small font was built into my machine but the applique letter “R” is from 8 Claws and a Paw.

Happy Embroidering everyone,


be creative daily and live life beautifully

Machine Embroidered Let’s Celebrate Letter H Available Now for Free

Let's Celebrate Banner Letter H by Embroidery It

Dear Friends,

I hope you have had an amazing day today.

I want to give you a quick reminder to be sure to grab the “Let’s Celebrate Pennant Banner H” now available for FREE at the bottom of the home page.

Also, I would like to ask a favor of you.  Instead of just sharing the letter H with your embroidery friends, would you be so kind to send them over here to my website and let them grab it from here.  Also let them know to sign up for my weekly newsletter so I can update them as each new letter is released as well as inform them as to the goings on here at Embroidery It.  It would mean the world to me!

Blessings everyone,


Be Creative Daily and Live Life Beautifully

Machine Embroidery Banner Acorn Helps Get our Homes Ready for Fall

Embroidery It Banner Acorn 2

Dear Friends,

You are getting your homes all spiffed up in beautiful colors of golds reds and browns.  Fall is such a gorgeous time of year.

To help with your decorating needs The Banner Acorn has been released.  It is designed to coordinate with the Banner Letters which are available in the Etsy store.  You can get the Banner Acorn HERE.

Embroidery It Banner Fall 2

The banner items can be used to decorate your front door, office, classroom, dorm room and camper.  They are a freestanding applique that you can use any fabric to match your room.  The button holes are the final stitch stop and can be eliminated so the acorn becomes an applique which is perfect for a fall hot pad or placemats and more!

As for me, I’ve been spending time doing some fall cleaning and adding my fall décor touches here and there in our home which gives it a feeling of warmth and coziness on these cooler days.

Hugs to each of you,


be creative daily and live life beautifully

Machine Embroidered Lets Celebrate Banner Letter G

Let's Celebrate Banner Letter G by Embroidery It

Dear Friends,

It has been a good week.  We’ve been to visit Emily at college and meet some of her sorority sisters as well as take her out to dinner one evening.

I feel productive in that we have accomplished much around the house this week so things just feel in order and feel peaceful.  I need that.  I strive for calm and peace in our home.  More often than not it isn’t this way.  It isn’t necessarily chaos, but I don’t like it when I have that nagging feeling that this or that needs to be done.  So as I go to bed tonight I am thankful.

But before I go to bed, I want to give a quick reminder to grab the Let’s Celebrate Banner Letter G while it is free on the website homepage.  It will be here until Wednesday when I will change it to the letter H.  After that point it goes up for sale in the Embroidery It Etsy shop.

Sending each of you a warm hug and I’m hoping you have had a simply wonderful week.



be creative daily and live life beautifully

Machine Embroidery Let’s Celebrate Pennant Banner F Available for Free this Week

Let's Celebrate Banner Letter F by Embroidery It

Dear Friends,

The letter F in the Let’s Celebrate machine embroidered banner has just been released.  Get it for free this week down at the bottom of my home page.  All previous letters are available in the Embroidery It Etsy store for just $1.50 each.

You can use these letters to create words and make decorations for a party.  Or you can spell out seasonal words and phrases and use the banner as a home décor item.  Banners are hugely popular these days and creating these banners is a fun, easy and quick project.

The letters have just a hint of applique and the edges are intentionally left a little big raggedy for that homespun look.  I’ve stitched mine that you see in the photos on felt and then trimmed about 1/4 inch outside the decorative stitching with pinking shears.



be creative daily and live life beautifully

Creating Garden Flags with my 10 Needle Embroidery Machine

Embroidery It Garden Flag 1

Hi Friends,

Since I’ve been back from Kansas I’ve spent a little time playing with my new embroidery machine.  I also took a class on it yesterday.  I’m still pinching myself each time I go into my sewing room.  Dreams really do come true friends!

Embroidery It Garden Flag 2

So in addition to the oversized monograms that I’ve been creating, I’ve also been just playing around and trying out the different features of the machine.  Here what I did was combine a design with built in lettering and worked on lining it all up and centering it.

One of the things I’m doing is I’m making some garden flags as Christmas gifts.  I’m doing the embroidery on burlap as that is so popular these days.  I used a tear away stabilizer on the back.  The large split letter is from 8 Claws and a Paw and the smaller letters are built into my embroidery machine.

Burlap appliques quite nice.  In the top two photos, burlap was hooped.

Embroidery It Garden Flag 3

Now this next design was stitched onto osnaburg fabric.  You can find this fabric in with the utility fabrics at your local JoAnn’s.  I LOVE osnaburg.  It is a natural cotton and I use it in a lot of projects, particularly when I make rag quilts.  Anyway, I learned something about my machine.  Here I am using the 8 x 14 hoop.  I have hooped the osnaburg as well as the tear away stabilizer.  Osnaburg is lighter weight in comparison to the burlap.  I just could not get a tight enough hooping that I had a problem with puckering.  Next time I should try using the screw driver to tighten the hoop and also I think that with using the large hoop that it might be wise to use an adhesive to attach the fabric to the stabilizer.

There is a learning curve to this machine for sure!

What is on your embroidery machine these days?  I’d love to hear!

Blessings everyone,


be creative daily and live life beautifully


Machine Embroidery Pennant Banner Let’s Celebrate Letters

Let's Celebrate Banner Letter E by Embroidery It

Dear Friends,

Let’s Celebrate Pennant Banner letter E has just been released and is available right here for free for one week only.  Just scroll down to the bottom of this page to instantly download the machine embroidery file.  Embroidery Design is available in PES, JEF, HUS, VIP, VP3 and DST.  It requires a 5 x 7 embroidery hoop.

Letters A, B, C, and D are now available in the Embroidery It Etsy Shop.

Let's Celebrate Banner Letter A by Embroidery It  Let's Celebrate Banner Letter B by Embroidery ItLet's Celebrate Banner Letter C by Embroidery ItLet's Celebrate Banner Letter D by Embroidery It

If you haven’t yet signed up for my weekly newsletter, be sure to take a moment to do so.  The newsletter is sent once a week to remind you when new letters and new designs become available.

Have a wonderful week everyone,


Let's Celebrate Banner by Embroidery It

Applique Chili Peppers

Embroidery It Applique Chili Peppers 2

Chili pepper design comes from Embroidery Library

It was a sad day for me as I had to say good bye to my dear friend Laura.  I’m leaving on vacation and when I return she will be gone and getting settled in the great southwest state of Arizona.  Laura is both my neighbor and also my gym buddy.  Knowing we would meet at the gym is what would help keep me motivated to get up and go.  I hate exercise.

Having lived in Arizona, twice, I know how southwest décor is very popular down there so I made a couple of hand towels with chili peppers to help her feel like she is fitting in.  🙂

Embroidery It Applique Chili Peppers

I took some twine and tied it in a bow for an added embellishment and stitched it in place.

I will miss you Laura.  Best wishes to you!


be creative daily and live life beautifully

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