Dear Friends,

I finally received my CPAP machine a week ago.  It seems like a long time in getting here and it has been months since my atrial fibrillation episode.

Perhaps I’m giving this machine too much credit but I have hopes it will solve many of my problems.  I still have the very rare occasion of what I call my heart popping, which I know are PVC’s and my heart skips a beat.  I’m hoping this machine will completely eliminate this.  Of course I hope it eliminates my sleep apnea.  It was recorded I would have 33 episodes an hour which seems insane to me.  Normal is less than 5.  After one week of use, each day it has recorded 2 or less episodes per hour!  I’m hoping that with improved sleep my blood pressure will improve and that I will have improved weight loss because of having more energy during the day.

So speaking of weight loss.  I’m exactly where I was when I started.  I went on vacation for two weeks and it put me right back at ground zero.  Sigh.  Since Katie has moved back home she has literally twisted my arm to go to the gym.  I’ve whined like a little child about going, but I’ve gone four times this past week.  I’m not overdoing it because of fear of my heart, but I’m at least moving my body.  I’m walking just under two miles on the treadmill at 3.5 miles an hour and doing a few strength exercises.  Today at the gym I was lucky enough to see a full length side view of me. (not)  It is down right disgusting and depressing.  Why is it that I have wanted to lose weight for so long that I’m not willing to fight tooth and nail for it?  I just don’t understand myself.  I try.  I keep on trying.  I will not stop trying.

Today is a new day.  Every minute is a new minute.  Every minute is a chance to make a decision to move forward, or backward.  Here is to moving forward with good health.

Wishing all of you the best of health today.


be creative daily and live life beautifully

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