My Very First Digitized Embroidery Design

Dear Friends,
I did it!  I created my very first manually digitized embroidery design!  I’m doing the happy dance here.  Never mind the fact that it is  a simple design, and I did have issues that I now know how to resolve, I still did it!  I finally jumped into the water.
I used my Generations software to create this “Hope” card.  One thing I really must mention is that I’ve been watching Holly and Larry Pike’s videos over at You Can Digitize and they have really supplemented the training videos that I received from Generations with my software.  If you are looking for digitizing lessons with Generations, Holly is an excellent teacher.  Another thing is her voice is easy to listen to.  Even though I don’t know her, she and her husband Larry seem like genuinely nice people who I someday hope to meet.

I stitched the design out as an applique onto gold felt.  Then I layered yellow felt on top and then stitched the lettering.  It is all sitting on a gold glitter piece of cardstock and this will be used as a card.  The recipient could use it as a bookmark.  Around the outside of the design, rather than doing a typical applique satin stitch, I used a cross stitch.  I waited until the design was completed and then just trimmed the felt close to the stitching.  With felt, there is no need to worry about fabric raveling.

Other than first fixing my digitizing mistakes, the next item on my agenda is to figure out how to place the design here as a free download for all of you.  I’m open to suggestions if you would like to contact me.

With hugs and blessings,
ps.  I’m recovering well from my hernia surgery that I had last Friday.  I’m up and around more today.  Going through surgery of course is no fun, but it literally forced me to stay off my feet for a few days.  I had my laptop right next to me and got to go through the You Can Digitize videos while recuperating.  What a fun way to spend my days in bed.

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