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On April 1st the March Embroidery Bee membership designs were released to all.  What fun they are to create!

As with every month there is a candy holder and alphabet set.  This month also contained a bonus set.

Find the Birdhouse Candy Holder in Etsy and Zibbet.

The Birdhouse Candy Holder is sweet to stitch up for members in your sewing, quilting or embroidery guild members.

The clear vinyl is stitched on only half-way so the candy goes in and out through the little birdhouse door.

Find the Outline Alphabet Set in Etsy and in Zibbet.

The Outline Alphabet Set is lightweight and is 3.25″ tall.  Do it all in one color or in up to 4 colors to match any holiday or event.

Included in the set is also an ampersand.

March Embroidery Bee Designs

These letters also embroider beautifully on cardstock due to their lightness in weight.

Birthday Bonus Set.

Find the Outline Birthday Set in Etsy and Zibbet.

This set coordinates perfectly with the Outline Alphabet set.  It contains: a Large Flower, Small Flower, Candle and Balloon.

The large flower can be used in lieu of the letter “O” and the candle can be used in place of the letter “I”.

Let your creativity soar with the Outline Alphabet and Outline Birthday Set.

Don’t forget Friends, consider joining the Embroidery Bee club to receive designs similar to these each month and for only $5 a month!

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Be Creative Daily and Live Life Beautifully

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