Machine Embroidery Quick Tip – Bobbin Thread

Hi Friends,
Machine Embroidery Quick Tip Today!

Just take a look at how dense this design is.  It has 71,000 stitches.  Lots of stitches can really create some beautiful designs, but that means the design will be heavy.

There are times when using a matching color of thread for both the top and bottom is necessary such as when doing free standing lace or when the finished product can be viewed from the back side as well as the front.

But when doing a dense design such as this one, it is best to use a thread specifically made for bobbins, be it pre-wound or that you wind yourself.

Bobbin thread is finer and depending on the brand of both top and bottom thread you are using, you can decrease the denseness or heaviness of your design by up to 1/3.  This means on a design such as the one above you have less chance of issues when creating your project such as less chance of the thread creating a nest, less chance of needle bending and of course the most common and frustrating issue of thread breaking.  Did you know that?  Have you ever heard your embroidery machine going POP – POP – POP as the comes back up from out of the design and it slightly lifts your hoop.  Ok, some of that can be due to digitizing and too many stitches in the same place.  By using a lighter weight bobbin thread you can help prevent some of that from occurring.

I hope you found this helpful today.  The embroidery design comes from Embroidery Library and the bobbin thread is from BFC-Stash.

Happy Embroidering and Blessings to you today!

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