Machine Embroidery Butterfly Quilt

Dear Friends,
Last spring/summer I took a quilting 101 class.  My mother and mother-in-law are both quilters and that is one thing I had never tried my hand at.  What you see is my very FIRST quilt I have ever made!

Yesterday I was doing some spring cleaning and working on the garage.  While in there I pulled out the Easter decorations.  I set the dining room table for Easter and then put away my winter quilts that my mother has made for me.

As I put away the winter quilt that I had on this wall, I was excited to pull out my quilt.  I actually finished it before Christmas this past year but tucked it away until now.

As I was assembling this quilt I really wanted to do more with butterflies.  I found all the butterfly designs you see on this quilt at Embroidery Library with the exception of the one you see below, the one in the corners of the quilt.  I received that design in one of my embroidery club classes at our local sewing store and it was given to me by the instructor.  I don’t know who to credit this design to.

The six butterflies in the center were embroidered on Floriani’s “No Show Nylon Mesh Non-Fusible”.  To use this product, when the solid design is finished stitching, cut close to the embroidery design.  Then use a heat source such as a mini iron, stencil burner or wood burning tool to melt away the edges of the mesh from around the design.  ***Caution***Don’t touch the embroidery design with the heat source or your thread can easily melt.  Do this carefully!!!

Then I stitched the butterflies onto the quilt by hand for a 3-D effect.

For the antennae, I used dark brown embroidery floss and tied knots in the end.

I used monofilament thread to quilt this by stitching in the ditch between the larger red squares and the 9 patch squares.

All the remaining blank red squares were quilted with this Embroidery Library design.  These designs on the red squares were embroidered with cotton quilting thread.

Thanks everyone for looking.  I hope you enjoyed this!

Happy Embroidering and spring blessings to you!
With Love,

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