Machine Embroidery – Boy Scout Neckerchiefs

Hi Dear Friends,
Whew, the neckerchief design for the boy scouts is done!  This is my second digitizing design I’ve completed and I’m thrilled at the results.  Remember what it started out looking like below?  It is a map of the hiking trek that the boys will be taking this summer at the Philmont National Scout Ranch.

More was added in the detail and we went to three colors.  I’m making the neckerchiefs as well.  I’ve used broadcloth to stitch them on.  The stabilizer is Floriani’s fusible wash away.  It certainly makes for a smooth surface to stitch on.  For the final step I’m stitching on 1/4″ bias tape.  That’s what gives it the nice candy stripe effect as the neckerchief twists up at the ends.

Here is my son Timothy, our youngest.  He is such a character and was goofing off for the camera below.  He really has a great sense of humor and loves to tease his sisters, and his parents too!  I’m very proud of him and all he does in boy scouts.  He is a good young man.  Timothy is a Life scout and will become an Eagle scout this summer.  He and Mike have been involved in scouting since Tim was six years old.  He will turn 16 in July.  Golly I’m feeling old.  My babies are all growing up!

Now I’m working on making 20 of these neckerchiefs for everyone.  It’s keeping me busy for a few days!

Anyone want to hike 71 miles up, down and around a couple mountains? 🙂

Embroidery Blessings!!

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