Dear Friends,

It has been quite some time since I have updated you on my health.  When it comes to doctors, sometimes it can be a very slow process.  As you recall, a few months ago, February 10th, I went to the ER and my heart was in atrial fibrillation.  They shocked my heart to get it back in a normal rhythm.  You can read about it HERE if you are interested.  I think/hope that things are finally coming to a conclusion here.

Since that time I had an echocardiogram and a stress test.  Both of which came back normal.  Thank you Jesus for that.  In fact the cardiologist says my heart is fine.  I still on occasion feel my heart ‘pop’ which I know to be a PVC because I watched it on an EKG so I know what that feeling is related to.  The doctor is not concerned about the ‘popping’ and it has been occurring less and less.  Again, thank you precious Jesus.

What I have been tested for lately is sleep apnea.  I go in for another sleep study on the 26th of this month and they are going to fit me for a CPAP machine.  Over 50% of people who have atrial fibrillation have sleep apnea and I am one of them.  I’m actually looking forward to getting the machine because having the atrial fibrillation was so scary and I NEVER want to go through that again.  I’m just praying now that the CPAP machine will forever solve the problem.

Friends.  I heard this phrase and it has truly struck a chord with me.  “We are not living longer, we are dying longer.”  I am not in bad health, but I’m certainly not in excellent health either.  I haven’t been to the gym since this heart episode and I still eat some foods that are unhealthy and you know I struggle with my weight.  I’m at the point I would love to lose 30 pounds.  You may remember reading in the past I wanted to lose 25 pounds.  Now look at me.

Since hearing that phrase, “we are not living longer, we are dying longer,” I have had a change of mindset.  I will be posting here at least weekly about my journey to better health.  My posting here is not to bore you, as is a form of accountability for me.  I also hope I may serve as an inspiration to some of you.

I finish off most of my blog posts with “be creative daily and live life beautifully.”  Well, caring for ourselves with healthy habits is most certainly one way to live life beautifully.  If you are on a journey of improving your health, I’d love to hear your story.

I raise my water glass with a toast, “Here’s to living longer.”



be creative daily and live life beautifully


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