Kombucha machine embroidery designs

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If you recall, from this post HERE, I’ve been learning how to make Kombucha.  It has become a summer project for me to learn about and follow the process and you can google kombucha to learn more about it.  Essentially, it is fermented tea that is very low in alcohol, yet plentiful in probiotics and B vitamins and is said to be very healthy for us.

I’ve created a design set for all you kombucha lovers.  These are great stitched on a koozie to go around the kombucha bottle or stitched on a t-shirt or apron.  For anyone who enjoys kombucha, stitch up some related items, add a bottle or two and it makes a great gift basket.

Yes, I’ve gone a little overboard trying different fruit flavors.

And because this is a process that can change with each batch, kombucha brewers keep a notebook of all the details for each batch.  This design can be used to decorate the brewer’s notebook.

Machine Embroidery Kombucha brewing design

There are 3 designs total in the set and all fit in your 4 x 4 hoop.

machine embroidery kombucha design

Kombucha machine embroidery designs

Kombucha tea brewing machine embroidery designs

Kombucha embroidery designs can be found Here in Etsy and Here in Zibbet.

And if you haven’t tried Kombucha yet, grab a bottle at your local grocery store, it is located in with the refrigerated produce. Let me know what you think as I think blueberry is wonderful!

Make it a great day,


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