Generations Software has Arrived

Dear Friends,
I’ve been like a child waiting for Christmas for my software to arrive.  I was fortunate to get the end of the year bundle from Generations.  So in addition to my software, I received a thread spool stand, thread rack, 30 spools of Robinson Anton thread, additional cd’s with classes, a ton of stabilizer and some stabilizer wraps which are the yellow things you see in the picture.  The wraps are like those snap bracelets and they say things like “Tear Away” to go around the tear away stabilizer.  The instruction manual is the three ring binder you see and it is huge.  I’ve been diving right into it.

One thing I discovered before purchasing is that Generations software is sold through a number of distributors.  Each of those distributors had added to the software package with their own special bundle.  Be sure to shop around to get the best deal from the distributor you are most comfortable with.

Tomorrow I am getting a one-on-one orientation class about the software.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to be jumping in with both feet and learning how to do this.

Happy Embroidering,

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