The New Embroidery It Web Store

The New Embroidery It Web Store

Machine embroidery embroidery hoop pockets


I am just beyond excited.  Embroidery It is growing and has launched a brand new store for your shopping pleasure.

Up till now, Embroidery It designs could only be found on Etsy and Zibbet.  Starting today, you can purchase your designs directly from Embroidery It.  It is through your continued support and encouragement, I’ve been able to take my business to this next level.

Menu embroidery Hoop pocket

You may visit the store by going to the Embroidery It home page and entering through the big green Enter the Store button.

To celebrate, between now and February 17th, any purchases made through the store will receive a this free Embroidery Hoop Pocket Set, 4 designs in 2 sizes each.  These designs are created to help keep you organized as each one has a front pocket and is framed in a wooden embroidery hoop.
Receipts embroidery hoop pocket
While you are there, I would appreciate any feedback. If you see anything that seems “off” or needs to be changed, just hit reply to this e-mail newsletter and let me know.  I value your input and opinion.
Coupons embroidery hoop pocket
The Embroidery Hoop Pocket set is ONLY available as a free gift for purchases of ANY amount directly from the new Embroidery It shop.  This is not available for Etsy or Zibbet purchases.  Offer expires midnight February 17th Eastern Time.

This design set will be e-mailed to you within 48 hours of purchase.
Notes embroidery hoop pocket
Embroidery It will remain on Etsy and Zibbet but future links will go directly to the new store.

Friends, I cannot thank you enough for all your support, kindness and friendship that has helped me grow Embroidery It.

Much love and Happy Stitching,


Personalizing your Applique without Embroidery Software

Personalizing your Applique without Embroidery Software

Posted by Embroidery It on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Why am I not getting my newsletters?

Why am I not getting my newsletters?

Why am I not getting my newsletters

Dear Friends,

This is a blog post that although not really embroidery related, I want to have this written down so when people ask me the question, “Why am I not getting my newsletters?” I have a place to direct them.

This is something that has puzzled me because every once in a while someone e-mails me with this question.  They say, “Nancy, I am signed up for your newsletters but I’m not getting them.”  I can verify the e-mail that all is correct and that the newsletter is actually being sent to the correct e-mail.  But why is the newsletter not being received?

Well, I’ve done a lot of research as to why and I have several possibilities.

1. The first place to look is in your spam or junk folder.  If this is where they are landing, please put my e-mail, in your contacts or safe senders list.

2. I read about people who were all of a sudden finding e-mails in unusual folders.  Here is an example, lets just say you have a folder labeled “medical”.  I have that folder so when medical related e-mails come in that I want to keep I file them there.  Well, I read people with gmail accounts were all of a sudden finding e-mails being automatically being sent to unrelated folders such as finding an embroidery e-mail in their medical folder.  This happened after an update.  I don’t know if the issue has been resolved.  So this is something to consider and perhaps you need to check other folders.

3. Businesses newsletters are sent out automatically by a newsletter provider.  There are many different providers.  I happen to use one called, “Mail Chimp.”  So although when you read that the newsletter is from it isn’t really being sent from my computer.  I have designed the newsletter on Mail Chimp’s website and it comes from there.  When it is sent from Mail Chimp, it appears with my e-mail however, there is actually a hidden extension on it.  It isn’t anything we see, but your computer sees it.  Your computer may identify that this is a bulk e-mail going out to many people and so your computer may block it.  Your computer’s firewall or protection may be set that it won’t let bulk e-mails come through thinking they are spam.

4. In relation to number 3, some people sign up for newsletters using work computers.  I will see e-mails that come from government e-mail addresses or other businesses.  So now, the newsletter first has to go through the security set-ups of the business before it can even reach your computer.

5. This also relates to number 3.  If you have blocked or marked as spam other businesses newsletters who have been sent by the same newsletter provider, in my case Mail Chimp, your computer may see that hidden extension and think it won’t let anything with the hidden extension come through.  So although you blocked someone else who used Mail Chimp, now it won’t let anyone who uses Mail Chimp  come through.  (Note:  It is always better to unsubscribe from a newsletter than to mark it as spam.)

So, if you think it might be your security or firewall and you would like to make a change with it, my advice to you is to google your specific security system along with the words “allowing newsletter subscriptions.”  You should be able to find exactly what you need to do in order to let just the right e-mails in while still keeping out the real junk that you don’t want.  However, the first and easiest thing to try is to just add the e-mail sender into your contacts list.  In many instances, that alone will solve the problem.

I hope this helps those of you who have asked this question.


Valentine’s Day Lollipop Covers

Valentine’s Day Lollipop Covers

Machine embroidery in the hoop Valentine's day Lollipop Covers

Dear Friends,

Here is a quick and easy project, especially if you are in the mood to do some stitching with pink and red thread.

These little Valentine’s day Lollipop covers can be whipped up in a snap on your embroidery machine.  3 designs in the set and made in your 4 x 4 hoop.

In addition to thread, here is all you need.


  • Tear Away Stabilizer
  • 2 Pieces Felt 4” Square
  • Tape – I use painters tape.
  • Lollipops – I prefer the flat type of lollipops

Machine embroidery Valentine's day lollipop covers made in the hoop on feltin the hoop Valentine's day sucker covers made on the embroidery machine

Machine embroidery design in the hoop Valentine's Day lollipop cover pattern

Make a basket full for all your favorite Valentines.  Perfect for children to hand out in class.

The Valentine’s Day Lollipop Covers can be found HERE in Etsy

and HERE in the Embroidery It Zibbet store.

2018 Word of the Year a Recap of 2017 and the end of the Embroidery Bee Club

2018 Word of the Year a Recap of 2017 and the end of the Embroidery Bee Club

Dear Friends,

For a number of years now, each year has had a theme to it, or a word/phrase which I have focused on.  Last year, the word which spoke to my heart was “TRUST.”

Little did I know at the time just how important that one word would be to me throughout 2017.  I spoke that word over 90% of all the days in 2017.  “Trust Nancy, Trust.”

I’ve been thinking about how I want to write this blog post without it coming across as a ‘poor me’ type post.  I’m just going to type here and see where it takes me.  My mindset for 2017 was in the tank.

2017 was a difficult year.  It began in December 2016 when mom had her heart attack.  (Other than slowing down more and being a bit more forgetful, she is doing well.)  January, February and March were spent with me taking her to cardiac rehab three times a week as well as many doctor’s appointments.

April rolled around and I fell off an ATV and broke a couple of ribs.  That threw me off for April and May.

Come June, our middle child Emily became engaged and we started up in full swing of wedding plans.  Then in July, she was involved in a roll over car accident when another car coming the opposite direction turned left in front of her.  God is so good as she came out of it with only 3 broken bones in her right foot.  Here is the thing.  I truly believe this is all God’s plan.  God was saying, Emily, you are going to go through a little pain now and this will save you from much pain later on.  Because after the accident, true colors were shown and in August she called the wedding off.  Emily also decided she wanted to get a second college degree and get her nursing degree.  This meant in July, August, September and October I was once again playing chauffeur and taking her to and from class, doctor’s appointments and physical therapy.  Emily is now able to drive though walks with a limp and continues with physical therapy.  We are probably looking at one more foot surgery this year.

November and December brought about holiday plans being in full swing along with my husband deciding to make a job change.

It was just a lot of things happening in 2017.  Looking back, much of 2017 seems to now be a blur.  I know I’ve focused on the difficult things here, as that is what really stands out in my mind, but many good things also happened.  I had started the Embroidery Bee club with it opening it’s doors December 2016.  That was a wonderful learning experience for me and was growth to my business.  Our oldest daughter’s house sold which was a huge blessing.  Hubby and I had our trip to Israel as well as a couple of local weekend trips in Michigan.  Despite me speaking about the negative, life was good.

Back in November, I felt the word EASE placed on my heart.  Now before fully accepting that word, I had made plans for Embroidery It and plans with moving forward with the Bee Club.  I had written my goals for all areas of my life.  However, the word EASE just kept swirling around in the back of my mind.

Finally with hubby’s decision to change jobs and in doing much reflection as well as family discussions, I decided to embrace the word EASE and let the Bee Club go.  I cried a bit.  It was like saying goodbye to a piece of me that I had nurtured and grown.  At the end, there were just shy of 200 of you in the club.  That, to me, was success.  In all truthfulness friends, it was like running two businesses and just getting to the point where I couldn’t do it all alone.  (You know I’m a one woman show here).  The club was running, whether you saw it or not, I felt like I was dropping the ball on the rest of Embroidery It.

In thinking what EASE means to me, in my mind, ease doesn’t mean easy.  Instead, ease means being a little gentler and kinder to myself.  It means giving my cares to God and letting Him do His work in me.  Ease means love.  It means slowing down and seeing beauty.  It means enjoying the moment, being present in the moment and giving thanks.  Ease means saying no sometimes as well as the opposite in saying yes and acceptance.  It means releasing; releasing the club, releasing myself from addiction to sugar and releasing excess weight, releasing myself from clutter and releasing anxiety.  Ease also means love; loving myself, loving my family and loving all who are in my life – which includes you.  And finally it means to do all these things with out anxiety, guilt or anger.  Ease has me rewriting my goals and plans for 2018.

I can tell you having already embraced ease, I feel a sense of peace and a feeling of openness.  And I know that when I allow my life to be open, it enables good things to enter.  I have an anticipation of good things coming this year for myself, my family and my business.  We will just have to wait and see where this year takes me.  I’ll keep you posted.

If you have chosen a word or theme for the year, I’d love to hear.

Much love to you all,


Machine Embroidery Sew Along This Tuesday

Machine Embroidery Sew Along This Tuesday

Machine Embroidery applique in the hoop coaster for sew along

Good Morning Friends,

Just a heads up to remind you that the Embroidery It sew along is this Tuesday, December 12th at 2:00 PM Eastern Time over on the Embroidery It Facebook page.  It will be live so you may ask questions and join in the chat.  This is PERFECT for machine embroidery beginners as you will see “real time” the making of this coaster.

This coaster is a free design for the month of December and the link to it is in the newsletter.  Not a newsletter subscriber yet?  Just sign up now.  You will get the newsletter tomorrow so you can be prepared and stitch right along with everyone.

Embroidery It sew along supplies

This is a great way to use up those little scraps and make a sweet gift.

applique and in the hoop coaster made on the embroidery machine

I also show how to turn this coaster into a sweet ornament!

How to applique a machine embroidery in the hoop design

As a reminder, this design coordinates with the other sew along coasters we’ve been doing.  The previous designs are available in both the Embroidery It Etsy store and Zibbet Shop.

in the hoop, applique coasters by Embroidery It

If you are reading this and the sew-along is over, never fear.  There is always something going on here at Embroidery It and like I said before, the newsletter is the best way to keep up-to-date with all the latest happenings.

See you Tuesday!


be creative daily and live life beautifully

Machine Embroidery Candy Cane Sliders

Machine Embroidery Candy Cane Sliders

Dear Friends,

In the hoop snowman candy cane sliders made on your embroidery machine

Snowman Candy Cane Sliders are found Here in Etsy and Here in Zibbet.

In Michigan the snow is coming.  We have about 4 inches and it is expected to continue much of the weekend.  This means it is a good weekend for hunkering down at the embroidery machine.  Today’s afternoon schedule at our home has me in the kitchen making Christmas cookies followed by making some embroidery gingerbread men as well.  The plan is to make plates of cookies for the neighbors and include one of these little candy cane sliders in with each plate.  A sweet finishing touch.

Machine embroidery candy cane holders

Machine embroidery gingerbread candy cane sliders

Frosted Gingerbread Cookie Candy Cane Sliders are found Here in Etsy and Here in Zibbet.

Here are several embroidery candy cane ideas.  They stitch up quick and easy.  And they are perfect for giving to co-workers, neighbors, club members and attaching to gifts and packages.  Add them to your tree or tuck in a stocking.

Bow Candy Cane Sliders are found Here in Etsy and Here in Zibbet.

In the hoop Christmas machine embroidery design

Merry Christmas Sweetheart Candy Cane Slider is found Here in Etsy and Here in Zibbet.

Ho ho ho machine embroidery in the hoop candy holder design

Ho Ho Ho candy cane slider can be found Here in Etsy and Here in Zibbet.

In the hoop machine embroidery Christmas snowman candy design

The Snowmen Candy Cane Sliders were part of last months Embroidery Bee club designs.  To find out more about the Embroidery Bee Club, just click here.  You will get fresh and fun designs delivered to your inbox on the 1st of each month.

The candy cane sliders just add that special homemade touch to your Christmas gift giving.

Stay warm everyone,


be creative daily and live life beautifully

Free Standing Lace Modern Script Alphabet

Free Standing Lace Modern Script Alphabet

Free Standing Lace Machine Embroidery Alphabet Set

Dear Friends,

This is such a sweet freestanding lace alphabet set.  I found it fun to get back into free standing lace for a change.  The size of the letters is nice as they make a sweet tag or even a tree ornament.

Machine Embroidery Free standing lace alphabet set with rhinestones

My favorite thing was to add rhinestones for some extra bling!

Machine Embroidery Freestanding lace alphabet set with rhinestones

I’m going to warn you right now…I’m on a rhinestone kick and you will be seeing me add rhinestones to more of my designs throughout 2018.  Love them!

There is no placement for the rhinestones.  Just add as many or few as you like.

Glue rhinestones to free standing lace alphabet

The rhinestones shown here are 3 mm “hot fix” rhinestones.  That is what I just happened to have on hand.  I used clear drying fabric glue as I feel trying to heat set the rhinestones would cause the polyester embroidery thread to melt.  FYI, I think a 5 mm rhinestone would look even prettier.

You can get rhinestones at any craft store and I have also purchased from “Rhinestone Genie” and “Heat Transfer Warehouse” with good results/good customer service.

Rhinestones added to machine embroidery

As an FYI, I stitched the letters on two layers of water soluble stabilizer.  Then I didn’t over-rinse the stabilizer out.  I wanted to maintain a bit of the stiffness.

Machine embroidery free standing lace baby banner

You can find the Modern Script freestanding lace alphabet set HERE in Etsy and HERE in Zibbet.

Happy stitching everyone!


Pilgrimage to Israel

Pilgrimage to Israel

Jerusalem – the old city

Dear Friends,

My husband and I were blessed to have the opportunity to join 43 others in our church family to go and experience the Holy lands of Israel.  We saw where Jesus was born, lived and died.  It was truly a trip of a lifetime and we all came back changed.  It was an honor to carry your prayers with me, and each day as we celebrated mass they were placed at the foot of the alter and prayed for.  I was humbled at all you experience and the prayer requests you sent.  Know that although on the last day, we left all the prayers there in Israel for future pilgrims and visitors to pray over.  You all continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

I hope you enjoy this photo montage of my experience and time in Israel.

Beautiful paintings in the churches.  Here in the city of Bethlehem.  I think I’ve seen this one turned into a Christmas card.

Homes of the wealthy

Homes of the poor

Church of the Holy Sepulchre built over Calvery.  This was the most moving and memorable place for me on our trip.

Morning sunrise coming up over the Sea of Galilee.  It was sunny every day of our trip with temperatures in the 80’s.

On a boat ride across the Sea of Galilee to the city of Capernaum.

Synagogue ruins in the city of Magdela where Mary Magdeline is from.   These were discovered in 2007 under 2 feet of dirt.  This was just opened to the public 2 months ago and they are some of the best preserved ruins.  This the the tile floor of the synagogue and they are 99% certain Jesus taught right here.

King David’s 23rd Psalm – Valley of the Shadow of Death.  The sun never reaches areas of it.  Thieves would hide in the shadows yet travelers wanted to take the trails their to be out of the heat of the sun.

We were fed well.  Buffet breakfast and dinner.  Note:  I was expecting to eat a lot of beans.  I wasn’t sure what we would get to eat.  We had seafood with every meal.  Always hummus and bread.  Stuffed grape leaves with supper.  Always amazing desserts.

Streets of Old Jerusalem

This is also in Old Jerusalem and it is open to air.  It is more modern, yet it is just an open shop and we just walked right by.  We could touch the meat hanging there as we walked along the cobblestone streets.  🙁

More beautiful paintings

In Cana.  We had just finished renewing our wedding vows.  We wore the ear pieces in each church so our guide could speak quietly and we could all hear what was being said.

Delivering coffee and tea to the merchants.

Spices for sale

We spent an hour of prayer at a church here at the Garden of Gethsemane.  It was from 9 to 10 pm.  Like Peter, I could not stay awake.  Some of these olive trees are over 2000 years old.  I imagine they would have been quite young and small when Jesus prayed here.

Jordan river.  People were getting baptized here.  Behind us is a rope with buoys.  The other side of the rope is the country Jordan.  Signs all around stated do NOT cross the rope or you may get shot!  If you look past all that has been added by man, you could just imagine Jesus getting baptized by John among the reeds.

One cannot see these things and remain unchanged.  I think about this trip every day since my return and how it has brought the Bible to life.  One of the greatest things to see was the strength of the Christian faith and the community of believers from every country around the globe.

Much love to you all,


Gratitude Lollipop Holders Machine Embroidery Designs

Gratitude Lollipop Holders Machine Embroidery Designs

Machine embroidery in the hoop gratitude lollipop holders

Dear Friends,

Thanksgiving will be here in the blink of an eye.  Make a basket full of these sweet machine embroidery designs to give to your children, grandchildren and friends.  Stitch these quick and easy, in the hoop designs in your 4 x 4 embroidery machine hoop.

Machine embroidery Thankful Lollipop Holder

Machine embroidery candy holder grateful

Machine embroidery in the hoop candy holder blessed

Customer, Dawn, chose to turn these into an adorable fall bunting!  What a great alternative to candy.

Gratitude bunting in the hoop machine embroidery design

Eliminate the final color which is the eyelets and turn into coasters as another fun way to use these designs.

Machine embroidery in the hoop coasters

Designs are available in Etsy and in Zibbet.

The Gratitude Lollipop Holder designs were part of the September Embroidery Bee club.  Not a member yet?  Find out more about this fun club HERE.

If you enjoy these lollipop holders, take a moment to check out these blog posts!

Machine Embroidery Design Set Halloween Lollipop holders made in the hoop

Halloween Lollipop Holders

Cowboy and Cowgirl machine embroidery in the hoop lollipop holders

Cowboy and cowgirl lollipop holders

Machine embroidery candy holder for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Lollipop Holders

Birthday Lollipop Holders Machine Embroidery Designs

Birthday Lollipop Holders

Easter Lollipop Holder Machine Embroidery Designs

Easter Lollipop Holders

Christmas Lollipop Holders

Happy stitching!


be creative daily and live life beautifully

Pumpkin Mason Jar Alphabet

Pumpkin Mason Jar Alphabet

Machine Embroidery Pumpkin Mason Jar Alphabet

Dear Friends,

Ok, I’m asking this in all seriousness….Where has this year gone????  How in the world can it be October already?

Dang.  Time has just flown.

Machine Embroidery for canning jars

Well, with October here, I’ve been getting out all the fall decor.  Here is a fun project for all of you who like using Mason or canning jars.  It is the Pumpkin Mason Jar Alphabet.  Just fill your Mason jar with your favorite goodies.  How about a layered cookie mix?

Gifts in a jar embroidery ideas

Stitch the letter of your choice on cotton fabric and sandwich between the lid and the rim.  Trim around the fabric with pinking shears and add a ribbon around the lid.  Makes for a beautiful gift presentation.

Machine Embroidery Plastic Christmas bulb

The other fun thing is that this fits perfectly sandwiched in a plastic ornament.

Machine Embroidery Fall Alphabet

You can find the Pumpkin Mason Jar Alphabet HERE in Etsy

and HERE in Zibbet.

Other Mason jar alphabets include:

Machine Embroidery for Mason Jar Lids

Birthday Mason jar Alphabet found HERE in Etsy 

and HERE in Zibbet.

Machine Embroidery Alphabet Set Valentine Mason Jar Lid

Valentine Mason jar alphabet found HERE in Etsy 

and HERE in Zibbet


Free A is for Applique Machine Embroidery Design

Free A is for Applique Machine Embroidery Design

Dear Friends,

I’m excited to share with you that the new alphabet “Embroidery Words” has began today.  You may click the link below to get the letter A.

Each letter will remain free for one week and will then be available over in the Embroidery It Zibbet Store.

**************Just click the link below*************

Emb It Embroidery Words Alpha A


Enjoy the new alphabet and thank you for sharing this with your embroidery friends so they can get in on the beginning of the new alphabet.


be creative daily and live life beautifully

Sew Sweet Chicken Sew Along – Embroider Along is Tomorrow!!

Sew Sweet Chicken Sew Along – Embroider Along is Tomorrow!!

Sew along embroider along with me tomorrow

Good morning Friends,

I hope you are waking up to a beautiful day.  For my Florida and southern state friends, oh gosh, please know my family and I are lifting you up in prayer.  I’ve shared before that our home was affected by hurricane Charley back in 2004 when we lived in the Sarasota/Bradenton area of Florida.  It didn’t have near the severity that you are dealing with, but I remember watching the water rise in the living room and pour in through the ceiling light fixtures and the door frame of one of the bedrooms. Buckets were strategically placed all around to catch the water.  Stay strong.  And for my Texas friends, I hope you are finding your way into a new routine and getting your repairs taken care of.

Applique, in the hoop chicken coaster

On another note, I want to let you all know the Embroidery It sew along is tomorrow at 2:00 PM Eastern Time zone.

All are welcome to sew-along / embroider-along with me on Facebook Live on the Embroidery It Facebook page.

Applique Sew Along Machine Embroidery Design

This is geared to the new embroiderer, but EVERYONE is welcome.  So if you are new to machine embroidery and would like to try a simple project where you can learn how to applique and make an in-the-hoop project, here is your chance to embroider right along with me and ask any questions as we go along.  All you will need are a couple pieces of felt and two small scraps of fabric.

The design is free for newsletter subscribers but just through the month of September.  Just sign up here on this website and I will be sending you a link to the design as well as a supply list.

Applique and in the hoop machine embroidery coaster design

The apple was August’s design.  If you missed it, you can get it HERE in Etsy or HERE in Zibbet.  All monthly designs will have a similar feel to them so you can make a fun coordinated collection perfect for gift giving.

Please share your finished coasters on Facebook and Pintrest and use the hashtag #EmbroideryItSewAlong

This way we can all find you and see your finished work!

One more thing, I would truly appreciate you letting your embroidery friends know about this so they can join in and learn about Embroidery It. ~ Thank you!!

Update, Here is the Youtube video:

See you tomorrow!


be creative daily and live life beautifully


Kombucha Machine Embroidery Designs

Kombucha Machine Embroidery Designs

Kombucha machine embroidery designs

Dear Friends,

If you recall, from this post HERE, I’ve been learning how to make Kombucha.  It has become a summer project for me to learn about and follow the process and you can google kombucha to learn more about it.  Essentially, it is fermented tea that is very low in alcohol, yet plentiful in probiotics and B vitamins and is said to be very healthy for us.

I’ve created a design set for all you kombucha lovers.  These are great stitched on a koozie to go around the kombucha bottle or stitched on a t-shirt or apron.  For anyone who enjoys kombucha, stitch up some related items, add a bottle or two and it makes a great gift basket.

Yes, I’ve gone a little overboard trying different fruit flavors.

And because this is a process that can change with each batch, kombucha brewers keep a notebook of all the details for each batch.  This design can be used to decorate the brewer’s notebook.

Machine Embroidery Kombucha brewing design

There are 3 designs total in the set and all fit in your 4 x 4 hoop.

machine embroidery kombucha design

Kombucha machine embroidery designs

Kombucha tea brewing machine embroidery designs

Kombucha embroidery designs can be found Here in Etsy and Here in Zibbet.

And if you haven’t tried Kombucha yet, grab a bottle at your local grocery store, it is located in with the refrigerated produce. Let me know what you think as I think blueberry is wonderful!

Make it a great day,


be creative daily and live life beautifully

Machine Embroidery Candy Holder Quilt Block Nugget Squares

Machine Embroidery Candy Holder Quilt Block Nugget Squares

Dear Friends, Last month’s Embroidery Bee designs included these sweet Quilt Block Nugget Squares as the Candy Holder.  The Quilt Block Baby Nugget Squares were a bonus that if done in the same colors as the Quilt Block Squares coordinate perfectly.

I just want to give you some happy “eye” candy this morning.  🙂

4 designs in the Quilt Block set.  All are made using a 4 x 4 hoop.

Machine Embroidery In the Hoop candy holder Nugget Squares

These nugget squares were done in a very light pastel pink and blue.  Sadly the photo doesn’t do them justice as they look stunning in person.  You  will just have to take my word for it.  Perfect soft colors for a new baby.

5 Designs in the baby set.  “It’s a Boy”, “It’s a Girl”, “It’s Twins”, “?”, and a Blank one for you to personalize as you see fit.

Both sets above done in the brighter colors.

Candy Holder Quilt Nugget Squares

Embroidery Bee member Dawn added a ribbon loop before stitching on the back and turned them into little Christmas ornaments.

Machine Embroidery Candy Holder

And Dawn also made some for her sewing friends.  Look at what is peeking out of them!  LOVE this idea!!

Machine Embroidery Quilt Block Hershey Nugget Candy Holder

And Elaine was busy for a new mama expecting Twins!

The Quilt Block Nugget Squares can be found HERE in Etsy and HERE in Zibbet.


The Baby Nugget Squares can be found HERE in Etsy and HERE in Zibbet.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend friends,


be creative daily and live life beautifully

Embroidery It August Sew Along

Embroidery It August Sew Along


Thank you for joining me for the August Sew Along.  For those of you who missed it, no worries, Here it is!

To download the design and get all cutting instructions just click HERE.

I must confess I was a little nervous doing something live, but pleased with how it all turned out.  You were all so kind.  Thank you!!

Most months I plan to do this the second Tuesday of the month so mark your calendars and join me in September.


be creative daily and live life beautifully

In the Hoop Applique Embroidery Sew Along Coming Soon

In the Hoop Applique Embroidery Sew Along Coming Soon

Machine Embroidery Applique In the Hoop Monthly Sew Along

Dear Friends,

I’m so excited to share with you that an in the hoop, applique embroidery sew-along is coming Tuesday August 8th!  This will be a monthly sew-along on the second Tuesday of every month.  This Wednesday’s newsletter will have all the details so be sure to sign up and get notified.  Also I appreciate you sharing this with your embroidery friends and letting them know so they may join in too!

Here is a short video that tells just a bit more about what to expect.

I can’t wait to stitch with you!!

Also, here is the link for more information about the Embroidery Bee club mentioned in the video.


be creative daily and live life beautifully

Last Month’s Embroidery Bee Designs

Last Month’s Embroidery Bee Designs

Hey Friends,

I realized I hadn’t shared with you last month’s Embroidery Bee designs that are now available for all.

The candy holder is the Christmas Lollipop Holder Set.

And the alphabet is the Bird Monogram Alphabet Set.

If you remember, throughout 2017 the in-the-hoop project will always be some type of candy holder along with a full alphabet set and all Embroidery Bee designs are made in your 4 x 4 hoop with the occasional exception that a bonus design might be thrown in that requires a larger hoop.

Get a head start with your Christmas gift giving.  The Christmas Lollipop Holder Set is a set of three designs  Make a basket full to set by the door for guests, Tuck them in Christmas stockings, or place them on the Christmas table.  They stitch up quickly and easily using just felt.  Make them for your child or grand child’s Sunday school or classroom friends and get lots of Oh’s and Ah’s from everyone.

Find them Here in Etsy and Here in Zibbet

The Bird Monogram Alphabet Set

This beautiful and delicate alphabet is perfect for an heirloom dress or linen napkins on the table.  Stunning!  It is made with four thread colors, but for an elegant look, just advance through the design without changing the colors.

Consider the beauty of tone-on-tone matching the thread to the fabric.

Machine Embroidery Bird Monogram Alphabet Set

The Bird Monogram Alphabet Set is available Here in Etsy and Here in Zibbet.

Friends, if you haven’t yet, give some thought to joining the Embroidery Bee Club.  As said earlier, each month you will receive a full alphabet set and a candy holder at the cost of only $5 a month which is a savings over the regular price.  The designs will arrive on the 1st of every month in your inbox.  It is easy, simple and fun!

Bee Bold 3D Machine Embroidery Candy Wrapper Design

Immediately upon joining, so your sewing machine doesn’t have to wait to happily hum, you receive this fun Bee Bold candy wrapper design.

Creative Country Happenings

I’m reading and learning how to make Kombucha.  Have you ever heard of that?  It is basically a fermented tea which is supposed to be full of probiotics and nutrients.  Bottles of kombucha may be purchased at health food stores or maybe even at your local grocery store, Costco also carries it, but they are costly little buggers so I’m going to do it on my kitchen counter.  If you’ve tried it, what are your favorite flavors.  I want to add fruit to mine but not sure what to start with.

Learn to make Kombucha

Photo courtesy of Kombucha Kamp

Make it a great happy day friends!


be creative daily and live life beautifully



Update on Trust

Update on Trust

Machine Embroidered Sleeve Cuff

Dear Friends,

My word of the year for 2017 is TRUST.  Friends, let me tell you that rarely has a day gone by when I haven’t said that word in my head again and again.  God is good – always.  And He is in control – always.

You may recall, mom had a heart attack just before Christmas.  Let me report she is doing wonderful.  We’ve just finished up 3 months of cardiac rehab and she really has her energy and strength back to where she was at before the heart attack. – Trust.

I do see her getting a bit more forgetful with time and repeating herself as I hear the same news again and again many days in a row. – Trust.

Something I haven’t shared with any of you is in early April our oldest daughter who finished her 4 years in the Air Force had a house that she was trying to sell.  It had been under contract twice and both times fell through.  The third time it was under contract, one week before closing it was broken into by gang members and vandalized.  Everything was broken, painted, torn up, smashed.  This was back in April.  I know this is all just physical “stuff”, but it was one of the most heart breaking things I’ve ever had to deal with.  I think it was so hard because it just made no sense whatsoever.  I’ve dealt with mom’s heart attack and dad living with cancer and some of that I explain to myself by saying it is a part of life.  But when someone blatantly does something malicious, you are just left feeling numb. – Trust.  Let me tell you, by the grace of God, the house did close.  For weeks after, I kept thinking that something would still come back to haunt us with that house.  Thankfully now, most days pass and it is a slowly fading memory.

When events such as these happen in our lives, and I know life changing events happen to all of us, it reshapes it.  It changes our perspective and our goals.  I know it has not only affected me, but it has affected Embroidery It.  Goals and plans have been adjusted and changed as needed.

These have been just a couple of examples how “trust” has been placed on my heart.  Seriously though, there has hardly been a day that has passed when I haven’t thought, “just trust Nancy, just trust.”

With everything going on, disarray has settled in.  Many things need to be finished.  I turn my head I see something that requires a phone call to be made, an e-mail to send, or steps to take to finish the task.  When you see that all the time, your mind can’t relax, and you don’t feel peace.  I have said my focus in July is to “complete”.  Finish all the little things yet to be done.  I’ve been keeping a running to-do list that grows as I see things that need to be done.  It helps though to get everything on paper and it even helps me by writing here and getting thoughts and feelings out of my head.  I’ve come to realize my word for, if not just July, the last half of the year should be “complete”.

Word of the year complete trust

What’s an embroiderer to do but that to my shirt cuff.  The soft denim shirt I wear every day like an apron.  As “complete” was stitching I realized how beautifully it goes with the word “trust”.  “Complete Trust.”  Amen.

I have complete trust; to finish the tasks at hand, for my family, for my mom, for my health, for Embroidery It, and the list goes on.

Have you kept your word of the year top of mind? Has it had meaning in your life?  I’d love to for you to share in the comments and hear your story.

Previous blog posts about Trust this year may be read HERE and also HERE.

Wishing you all many blessings,


be creative daily and live life beautifully

Birthday Party Day 7 Inspirational Teacup Coasters and Free Bonus Cupcake Embroidery Design

Birthday Party Day 7 Inspirational Teacup Coasters and Free Bonus Cupcake Embroidery Design

Inspirational Teacup Machine Embroidery Design

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the final day of the Embroidery It Birthday Party.

Inspirational Teacup in the hoop coasters

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support, kindness and generosity.  I truly appreciate each and every one of you.  It is through you that my dreams, goals and visions are coming true.  I sincerely thank you.

Inspirational teacup coasters machine embroidery designs

As we wrap up the birthday party, it is Sunday, a day of rest.  I hope you will use these inspirational teacup coasters as a gentle reminder to enjoy each day and all life has to offer with its many blessings.

Inspirational teacup coasters gift set

Make a set of 4 or 8 coasters for yourself, or they make a lovely gift bundled up and added with some tea, a teacup and a homemade muffin or small box of chocolates.  Give as a hostess gift, housewarming, get well, birthday, retirement gift and the list goes on.  There are 8 designs in the set.

Inspirational teacups in the hoop machine embroidery coasters

Inspirational teacups in the hoop machine embroidery coasters

These are stitched on felt and made in your 4 x 4 hoop.

You will find the Inspirational Teacup Coasters HERE in Etsy


HERE in Zibbet.

Also there is a bonus design today.

Find the Banner Cupcake design for FREE HERE. (note:  this design will only be available for one week)

Happy Birthday Machine Embroidery Party with new and free designs

You may find all the other Banner Items HERE.

Have a very happy day stitching,


be creative daily and live life beautifully

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