Embroidery It AQS 1

Embroidery It AQS 12Dear Friends,

On Saturday I was so happy to get a chance to take mom to the AQS show here in Grand Rapids.  Mom has been a quilter for over 30 years and I think some of the quilts she has made rivals many of what we saw.  Friends, I wish I could have gathered you all here with me.  What a fun day it would have been for us all to be together to see all the hundreds of quilts and to shop at all the vendors.  Even the vendors booths were loaded with quilts and inspirational goodies.

Just sit back get a cup of coffee and enjoy scrolling through the photos.  There were literally hundreds and hundreds of quilts and so here are different ones that spoke to me in different ways.

Finally, HERE is my post from my last year’s visit to the AQS show if you’d like even more quilty goodness.

be creative daily everyone,

Nancy ~ Here we go!

Embroidery It AQS 2Embroidery It AQS 3Embroidery It AQS 4Embroidery It AQS 5Embroidery It AQS 6Embroidery It AQS 7Embroidery It AQS 8Embroidery It AQS 9Embroidery It AQS 10Embroidery It AQS 11Embroidery It AQS 13Embroidery It AQS 14Embroidery It AQS 15Embroidery It AQS 16Embroidery It AQS 17Embroidery It AQS 18Embroidery It AQS 19Embroidery It AQS 20Embroidery It AQS 21Embroidery It AQS 22Embroidery It AQS 23Embroidery It AQS 24Embroidery It AQS 25Embroidery It AQS 26Embroidery It AQS 27Embroidery It AQS 28Embroidery It AQS 29Embroidery It AQS 30Embroidery It AQS 31Embroidery It AQS 32

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