Dear Friends,

What a fun, Fun, FUN week!  The American Quilter’s Society held their convention right here in Grand Rapids, my back yard.  Talk about an inspirational overload – in a good way 🙂  Fabric, Cool Tools, Patterns, Classes, and so much more.

Enjoy a few pictures I took and you will also see my new toy.  It is my birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and anniversary gift for about the next 5 years.  I’m so excited.

Embroidery It American Quilters Society 3Embroidery It American Quilters Society 7Embroidery It American Quilters Society 2Embroidery It American Quilters Society 5Embroidery It American Quilters Society 1Embroidery It American Quilters Society 6

My favorite booth was The Whole Country Caboodle.  Oh my gosh I wanted everything there!  It was seriously a 10 on the cuteness factor.

Embroidery It American Quilters Society 4Embroidery It American Quilters Society 9

They didn’t allow photography where the gallery of quilts were displayed, but this quilt was at the Gall Sewing and Vacuum booth and was the most adorable quilt there.  I wish it was on a plain background so you could really sit the effect of it.  It is actually suspended from the ceiling in the middle of their booth.  The backgrounds of each photo on the film strip were printed on fabric and then embroidered with the Disney character.  We are huge Disney fans.  LOVE!

Embroidery It American Quilters Society 8

This was also the booth where I got my new toy.  I’ve been looking at these machines for over 2 years now and I ended up purchasing the show floor model.  It is brand new except for the use at the show so it has all the warranties plus they threw in lots of extras at the best price I have ever been quoted over these two years.  Can you hear my squeal?  I’m just super excited!  Someone pinch me.

The American Quilter’s Society holds these conventions at various locations across the United States.  If you ever get an opportunity to attend one, don’t pass it up.  You won’t be disappointed.

Make it a great day everybody,


be creative daily and live life beautifully

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