Embroidery It Tote Bag 2

I’m getting ready to spend some time with family over Thanksgiving and I won’t be seeing them over Christmas so I need to have their gifts ready yesterday!  I really should have done these a few weeks ago.

I got a couple of blank totes at a place called The Christmas Tree Shoppe in Shelby Township while I was there teaching at the Michigan Embroiderers Fall Fest.  The Christmas Tree Shoppe reminds me of a store I’m more familiar with called Big Lots.  Do you know that one?  A friend of mine used to call it Big Lots of Junk.  HA!  Seriously though, both of those places are fun to poke around in and the prices are pretty unbeatable.

Embroidery It Tote Bag 1

The picture at the top of the post is for my sweet Sister-in-law.  Then the second picture shows a tote bag I made for mom.  I was using the camera feature on my 10 needle to center the design.  It still got a bit off center.  I’ll need to try it again to see if the camera really is off or if it was user error.  I’m betting it was the latter.

The fonts, frame and flower design were all built into my machine.  Like I said, I wanted to do something Q-U-I-C-K!

Are any of you working on Christmas gifts?  Handmade is best you know!

Sending you all a big Embroidery It hug,


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