You may have read on other blogs where people pick a word or focus for the upcoming year. I too have done this for several years now.  I will ask God and pray about if there is something He would like me to focus on for the upcoming year.  Some years a word or short phrase has been placed on my heart that I feel will have meaning and that God will use in my life in some way..

In 2013 my word was “Shine”.  You can read more about it here, and here, and again here.  2013 was the year we moved to Michigan.

In 2014 my short phrase was “Forward Strong” and I wrote several blog posts about it here, and here and finally here.  2014 was the year I began Embroidery It.

Then in 2015 no words or phrases came to me other than I have felt like “Shine” is more what I would call a life word.  It is a word I try to use to keep my internal compass pointing North.   Friends, I always pray that others see a tiny piece of Jesus through me or that I am reflecting God’s love.  I hope you see that in some way you see that through my writing, photography, or embroidery designs.

2016 had a word that I never blogged about, though had written in my journal and that word was “Serve.”  When life threw choices at me, “serve” was a word I thought about and would try to choose the choice that would allow me to serve and ultimately “shine” for others.

Earlier this month I had been thinking and praying if God had a something he would like me to focus on and what came to me was “Trust”.  Trust is something I have a hard time with.  Like many of us, I like to be in control of what happens to me and around me.

On December 10th, I wrote in my journal how I was feeling discouraged about some things and “trust” was placed on my heart.  The more I thought about it, the more it impressed upon me that this is what I should focus on during 2017.  Some of the things I wrote at that time in my journal were:

  • When I am afraid – Trust
  • In reaching my goals – Trust
  • Handbell Choir – Trust (we lost our director before Christmas yet we managed to come together without a director and play at the Christmas Eve service)
  • My children’s lives – Trust
  • My business – Trust
  • God’s word – Trust
  • Embroidery Bee membership – Trust

Trust is only 5 letters long but it is a really big bold word.  It is a word that when contemplating upon it brings me peace, joy and comfort.

Then on December 18th, mom called me early in the morning.  She was having a heart attack.  I didn’t know it at the time.  In fact, I thought it was pneumonia.  I drove to her apartment in the senior living complex and took her to the emergency room. Things went from crazy to worse and the doctor didn’t expect her to make it.  Trust.  In 12 hours things started to turn around.  And then 24 hours things were even better.  Trust.  Mom spent 4 days in ICU and has spent another week in rehab.  She gets released tomorrow back to her apartment and I’m setting up any nursing care she needs.  She is walking with a walker and is week, but she is good.  God is great.  Trust.

Trust is a concept I have difficulty with.   It is something I need to practice and I am sure that God will give me circumstances in my life this year that are going to challenge me with this.

Trust in the Lord ALWAYS


be creative daily and live life beautifully

PS  Friends, if you choose a word or phrase to focus on in the year, I’d love to hear what your word is.

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